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May 8, 2022

Mother Day’s Sermon


1 Samuel 1:9-11; 19-20; 21-28

Introduction: The year was 1932, and a brand-new mother was listening to a special service on a little battery-operated radio on farm in Indiana. The speaker was Harry ironside, pastor of the famous Moody Memorial Church in Chicago. Moody Church was conducting a special dedication service. During the service, Dr. Ironside invited parents to come forward to present their children to the Lord.

This was a new experience for the Indiana mother. She was so moved by the service that she went to the crib of her newborn child, picked him up, and carried him into her little kitchen. There, she knelt, and along with the parents participating in the church service one hundred miles away in Chicago, she dedicated her son to the Lord.

Years later, the mother revealed to her son, Dr. Gene Getz, what she had done that day on the farm in Indiana. Getz, a pastor, radio commentator, and pro-life Christian author, firmly believes that God answered his mother’s prayer-----a prayer that has impacted his life to this very day (Getz, Samuel, 30-31).

Today, we celebrate Mother’s Day. I believe it is our desire to learn more about what it means to dedicate ourselves and our children to God. In this text a childless mother prays for and is given a baby boy. She in turn dedicates that child to God. The lady’s name is Hannah. Her child’s name is Samuel. The word Samuel means “Name of God.” It signified the special circumstances under which Samuel was born. Samuel was a strategic leader in the life of the Israelite people. In the history of Israel, he served in a transitional period. Samuel served in the interim period between the judges and the kings. He was one of God’s big-league servants. There is an encouraging thought behind this passage. God used Hannah to raise a strategic player in His service. God maybe using you as parents, to raise an important leader for our nation, our schools, or our churches.

In the midst of an immoral and lawless society, there were a few persons who lived for God when Samuel was born. Their lives demonstrated the light of God’s Holy word. They love the LORD and obeyed Him, keeping His commandments. Such a person was Hannah, Samuel’s mother.

Take a look at Hannah and learn from her. She was a mother with a vision. Hannah was a good example of dedication and a good example of a Godly mother. What can we learn from her that will help us in our walk with the Lord? Let’s look at three commitments which Hannah made in her vision, which every parent and every person should make.


Hannah rushed to the temple to commit her situation to God. Peninnah’s abuse may have been designed to stimulate Hannah into complaining. Instead, it drove Hannah to her knees. Here we see Hannah’s greatest act as a faithful role model for all believers. She could have cursed God, challenged His motives, or rejected Him for a miserable life of bitterness. She reminds us to let our sorrows and travails drive us to our knees before the great throne of grace.

Hannah’s bitter misery peaked at one of the festivals, and she rushed to the Tabernacle to pray and seek the LORD.


In verse 11 Hannah addressed her prayer to “LORD of hosts,” The Almighty LORD. Hannah is the first person to use the phrase, “LORD of hosts,” Almighty LORD to address God. She recognized that the Lord alone is the giver of life. Thus, she came to Him with a proper respect, believing that He would help her in her distress. Hannah called on the name of the Lord seven times in her prayers in chapter 1 (1:11, 15, 17, 26-28).

Hannah also came to the Lord with a proper attitude. Hannah referred to herself three times in the prayer with a term that is normally used to describe a female household slave, “thine handmaid.” Hannah humbled herself before the Lord.

Furthermore, Hannah came to the Lord with a proper request. Many of our prayers are one-sided. Hannah set her prayer in the form of a vow, a very special and unique vow in verse 11.

In her vow, Hannah promised two things to God. If God would give her a son, she would give him to the LORD for all the days of his life, and no razor will ever be used on his head. Samuel will serve God as a Nazarite. A Nazarite (separated, consecrated), a person who took a vow to separate from certain worldly things and to consecrate himself to God (Num. 6:1-8).

Prayer is the answer to distressful circumstances. When we are in deep sorrow and our hearts are broken, prayer is the answer. When we are gripped by anguish, agony, grief, helplessness, or hopelessness----prayer is the answer. When we are sad, downcast, discouraged, or disheartened---prayer is the answer. Hannah committed herself to God for renewal.


Hannah was committed to diligently weaning the child above all else, even above attending the annual festival. She was committed to fulfilling her promise: Hannah informed Elkanah, her husband, that the child would be dedicated to the LORD right after he is weaned. She was supported by her husband in her decision to dedicate the child, give him up to the LORD.

In verse 24 Hannah dedicated Samuel to the LORD’S service. True to her word, Hannah brought the bot to Eli. She reminded him of her vow and declared that this was now the payment: So now I give him to the LORD. Hannah committed her best to God!

Hanna serves as a faithful role model for all Christian parents. Children are gifts from the Lord (Ps. 127:3).

A Faithful Mother with A Vision

1. Commit Your Situation

2. Commit Yourself To God

3. Commit Your Best To God

Responsive Reading: 1 Samuel 1:2-11

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