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February 28, 2021


Habakkuk 3:2

Introduction: If we are honest with ourselves, our spiritual life had been neglected. We need revival when families and spouses are not praying together. We need revival when we have to beg people to participate to serve. We need revival when we only know truth in our heads but are not practicing it in our lives. we need revival when we would rather make money than give money. We need revival when our concerns are only about ourselves and making us happy and not the millions that are dying without Jesus. We need revival when we don't have the right attitude for worship like in the time of Habakkuk. We need to be renewed and to be more active in our faith and relationship with Jesus. You and I need revival too.

Today's message can be summarized like this: if we are ever going to be revived, if we are ever going to rise above what we once were and if we are ever going to reclaim our love for God, then it's going to take revival. What we see in Scripture today is the steps to revival of the nation of Judah and the revival of God's people. Revival means "to recover or return from a state of neglect. We have been careless in our spiritual walk. it is time right now to be revived.

In this text we are looking at "Revival" - something that the Prophet Habakkuk eagerly looked for from God in a time of imminent judgment for the Jews because of their unfaithfulness to God. It's this hope; this vision that kept Habakkuk looking up!

When we look at this verse, we can meditate on revival, that God re-invigorates the life of His people. who have grown weak and frail. Also, when the church is revived, it overflows to the society around us. Revival is a community saturated with God!

Habakkuk prayed for "Revival" in 3:2. This prophet prayed for a Revival in a difficult time. Let's examine his moving prayer.



v. 2

A. "O LORD, I have heard thy speech and was afraid."

B. Habakkuk saw judgment coming on his people.

1. Their sins were mounting and demanding judgment.

2. The Chaldeans were to be God's instruments for judgment.

C. Sin always brings severe consequences: "The wages of sin is death."

Rom. 6:23

D. The Cross declares the seriousness of sin.

E. Are there any sins in our lives that may bring judgment?

1. Consider the violence and immorality on every side.

2. Think about women being sexually abuse appears to God.

3. Think about crime as a whole in our society.

F. Are we concerned enough about our sins to pray for revival?

G. Revival or retribution------which will it be. I don't know about you, but I

want a REVIVAL, not God's Retribution!



A. "O LORD, revive thy work in the midst of the years." (Begin again to help

us, as you did in years gone by).

B. Habakkuk sees revival as their only hope.

1. He believes revival must come from God.

2. He is pleading for Holy Spirit conviction of sin.

3. He is praying for people to repent . . . to turn to God.

C. Habakkuk cries out for revival to arrive on time.

1. "In the midst of the years"? (In our time make them known).

2. He sees the countdown to judgment proceeding.

D. Let us add urgency to our prayer for revival.

E. May God awakens us to the importance of revival in our time.

F. Are you praying for revival within your hearts and minds? Look at your

neighbor and say, "We need a spiritual renewal right now!"



A. Note Habakkuk's concern: In wrath remember mercy."

1. He sees God's wrath is on its way.

2. He hears the march of Chaldeans warriors.

3. He fears the devastation of divine judgment.

B. The wrath of God is as real today as in Habakkuk's time.

C. This should be a wake-up call to us all.

The mercy of God is our only hope....and God is merciful

The gospel announces God's mercy to us all.

Will you respond to God's mercy?

Responsive Reading: Habakkuk 3:2-11

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