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March 10, 2024

Sermon Series: Remain Devoted and Faithful to The End

Book: 2 Timothy


2 Timothy 3:10-14

Would you consider yourself to be a godly Spiritual Mentor?  How can you really know for sure?  An advertising poster for the United States Marines states: “We’re looking for a few good men!”  By that, the Marines put an emphasis on quality of character instead of quantity of people.

Much to the sorrow of Jesus Christ, churches are often filled with quantity instead of quality, with ungodly instead of godly people.  In fact, at times it seems that there is more of the world’s influence in the church than the church’s influence in the world.

God wants us to have Spiritual Mentors because they greatly accelerate spiritual growth withing the church.  However, He also wants us to be Spiritual Mentors.  Spiritual Mentoring is mostly about modeling a mature Christian life and being there for the student when questions arise.  This does not mean that the teacher is perfect, but that he or she has more knowledge and experience with the Word of God and is seeking to live a victorious Christian life.  This passage probably describes the mentoring, or discipling, process as well as any in the Bible.  These verses reveal three movements for being a great Spiritual Mentor.


I.              BE AN EXAMPLE v. 10-11


A.   Following a godly example – Timothy had closely observed and followed the godly example of Paul.  Paul had lived a godly life, and Timothy had followed in his footsteps.  Paul lists seven things that stand out as a dynamic example, and that a person must focus upon and follow if he or she wishes to live a godly life.

1.    There is doctrine or teaching.  Timothy knows all about Pauls’ teaching.  He knows Paull always preaches the truth of God’s Word.  To be good Spiritual Mentors, everything we teach must be true to God’s Word.

2.    There is good behavior and conduct.  We must model God’s Word.  Paul practiced what he preached.  Remember, the Christian life is more “caught” than taught.  A Spiritual Mentor must walk the talk!

3.    There is purpose or a person’s chief aim in life.  The chief aim of Spiritual Mentors is to be one thing and one thing only: Christ and His great mission.

4.    There is faith.  Faith means both to believe and to be faithful.   A Spiritual Mentor believes and is faithful.

5.    There is long-suffering.  Which means “long tempered” or not having a short fuse.  It refers to patience with people.

6.    There is charity or love.  The agape love – the love which the Spiritual Mentor is to have for all people.  it is the great love of God.  The self-sacrificing love for others.

7.    There is patience.  Which refers to enduring or persevering during difficult circumstances, not patience with difficult people.

B.   Enduring persecution – Paul reminds Timothy of the persecutions and afflictions he endured in Antioch, where he was driven out of the region (Acts 13:50).  Iconium is where an attempt was made to stone Paul, causing him to flee (Acts 14:6).  Paul also reminds Timothy of his experience in Lystra (Acts 14:19).  The people stoned Paul and dragged him out of the city, thinking he was dead.


These verses reveal three movements for being a great Spiritual Mentor.

1.    Be An Example v. 10-11


II.             BE AN ENCOURAGER v. 12

A.    Paul says, Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.  Never be surprised when suffering for Christ’s sake.  John 15:20c-d, If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you.

B.   You may never be imprisoned, tortured, or martyred for your faith, but if you stand up for biblical values, you will be persecuted by those who the secular worldview.  If you never face any kind of persecution, it could mean you are not making a difference in your world.

C.    When younger believers face persecution and affliction because of their faith, be an encourager by reminding them they are making a difference in the world.


These verses reveal three movements for being a great Spiritual Mentor.

1.    Be An Example v. 10-11

2.    Be An Encourager v. 12


III.           BE AN EXHORTER v. 13-14


A.   To exhort means to strongly urge someone to do something.  To exhort – designed to motivate people to action.  Before exhorting young Timothy, Paul explains, evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived v. 13

Ø Evil men refer to those who actively oppose righteousness and morality; those who live immoral and ungodly lives.

Ø Seducers refer to impostors and deceivers; those who live hypocritical lives – false teachers who will go farther and farther away from the truth of God’s Word.  This means deception will become increasingly worse.


B.   Therefore, Paul gives Timothy this exhortation, But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them v. 14.  Paul is encouraging Timothy to continue living as he has, rather than turning aside and following the example of the evil men he has just mentioned.  Timothy may have been tempted to modify or water down what he had been taught.  However, Paul tells him to continue with what he has learned.  Because Paul was an example as well as a teacher, his life reinforced the truth Timothy learned from him.  Paul’s exhortation to young Timothy is reminiscent of what Jesus said in John 8:31b-c, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.

The truths of God’s Word are fixed, nonnegotiable, and eternal.


Responsive Reading: 2 Timothy 3:6-14





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