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February 11, 2024

Sermon Series: Remain Devoted and Faithful to The End

Book: 2 Timothy


2 Timothy 2:1-7

Do you look good when you exercise?  A marketing survey on the use of exercise clothing stated that less than 10% of the people bought the clothes for the sole purpose of exercising.  This same survey noted that 35% bought exercise clothes for comfort and appearance only.  Over half of those surveyed combined the use of clothing for casual wear and exercise.

Well, the truth be known, a jogging suit is more comfortable than a lot of clothes we wear.  But as you know, just wearing a comfortable and attractive exercise outfit will not make you stronger.  Physical fitness comes to those who actually exercise.

This principle is also true for the spiritual fitness of the Christian believer.  Just wearing the outerwear of Christianity (going to church, singing in the choir, dressing good, etc.) will not make you spiritually strong.  You must look inside and begin to exercise your faith and be strong in the Lord.  This passage gives an excellent picture of what it takes: Being A Strong Christian.

Would you like to be a stronger Christian?  At times we all feel weak because the Evil One uses fear, fatigue, and frustration as obstacles in our Christian lives.  The spiritual battle can weaken us.  We have three movements that will help us be a strong Christian.


I.               BE A RECEIVER v. 1


The source of strength is the Lord’s grace.  Since he has been in prison, many of Paul’s friends and associates have deserted him.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a Christian because of the persecution by Nero.  So, Paul writes to Timothy in verse one which applies to us today.  You, therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, NKJV


The verb translated to be strong, is imperative mood, present tense, passive voice.  Imperative mood indicates a command.  Present tense means continuous action.  Passive voice denotes someone else does the strengthening, which in this passage is God.


How do we receive the strengthening grace that is in Christ Jesus?  It is very simple---admit your weakness.  We receive strengthening, or empowering, grace when we admit our weaknesses and limitations.  Look what James 4:6b says, God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble NKJV


The same grace, the same spiritual power available in Christ to Paul and Timothy, is available to you and me.  In order to receive it, you have to admit you need it.


To be a strong Christian:

1.    Be A Receiver v. 1


II.             BE A TRANSMITTER v. 2


Strong Christians transmit the Gospel message.  Look what Paul writes in verse two, And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also


A strong teacher receives the truth.  Timothy had heard Paul preach and teach the truth.  How did Timothy know that the preaching and teaching of Paul were true?  By the many witnesses who bore testimony to the same thing.  When they trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, something happened to them.


We are to commit the truth to faithful men who will pass it on v. 2b.  Men in this verse refers to both men and women.  Those to whom we transmit the Gospel should be able to teach others also v. 2c.


To be a strong Christian

1.    Be A Receiver v. 1

2.    Be A Transmitter v. 2


III.           BE AN APPLIER v. 3-7


The Christian believer is to be a strong soldier for Jesus Christ v. 3-4.

·      A strong soldier endures, suffers, and shares hardship with all other soldiers.

·      A strong soldier stands with the other soldiers and suffers the hardships of the struggle with them.

·      A strong soldier does not become entangled with the affairs of day-to-day living.  We should be involved in our community, but not become entangled to the point it eats up our time and energy, hindering our service as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.  Our focus should be on the campaign of Christ!

·      A strong soldier pleases and obeys his commander-in-chief.  He seeks to please the king who has chosen him to be a soldier.  By refusing to get entangled in outside involvements, a good soldier is ready to follow the orders of the one who has enlisted him. 

     The Christian believer is to be like a strong athlete in the cause of

      Christ v.   5.

·      The athlete is strong in discipline and self-denial.  Note the phrase “strive for masteries.”  The picture is that of a professional athlete, a person who has dedicated his life---all that he is and has—to the contest.  The Christian is not to be an amateur in life; he or she is to be a professional.  The believer must be totally committed to live for Christ---every moment of every day.

·      The athlete strives lawfully or else he or she is disqualified from the contest.  This is critical to know; it is the very point at which so many people fall.  Any person who wishes to enter the Christian contest has to obey the rules laid down by the official of the contest.  That official is the Lord Jesus Christ, the very Son of God Himself.  What are the rules?  Very simply stated:

Ø A person must believer in Christ

Ø A person must follow Christ, that is, obey the Word of God.

The Christian believer is to be like a hard-working farmer v. 6.

The word “labor” means labor that is diligent, laborious, exhausting.  It is the picture who toils to the point of becoming weary, so tired that he cannot put one foot in front of the other.  The Christian believer is not immune to these feelings, but the challenge is to persevere through them. 

God has given each of us a spiritual field in which to work.  We are to plow, plant, cultivate, and harvest.  It is the diligent farmer who shall be the first to be rewarded.  Likewise, a spiritual farmer for Christ will be the first to reap the fruit of God’s Word.

The Christian believer needs to think over these things.  Consider what I say, and may the Lord give you understanding in all things NKJV.  The word consider means to meditate or reflect on the application.   You take a verse or passage of Scripture and think about it over and over, looking for application to your life.  To be an applier, you have to meditate on God’s Word, knowing the Lord will help you see the wisdom of His words and the application to your life.

Being A Strong Christian

1.    Be A Receiver v. 1

2.    Be A Transmitter v. 2

3.    Be An Applier v. 3-7

Responsive Reading: 2 timothy 2:1-7  



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