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June 25, 2023


Psalm 146:1-10


"The most holy service that we can render to God is to be employed in praising His name"

- John Calvin -

One of the most accurate measures of where any believer is spiritually is the intensity of his praise to God. A growing Christian is one who is growing in the fervency of his praise to God. Wherever there is advancement in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, there will be an ever-increasing sacrifice of praise ascending from the heart of a Christian to the Lord, “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matt. 12:34). That is, what fills the heart overflows the mouth. When Jesus is genuinely loved, there will be a growing surge of adoring praise. A soul enraptured with God will be evidenced by a mouth exalting Him.

Psalm 146 is a declaration of praise to God who reigns forever. It is the first of five Hallelujah psalms that close this book (Psalms 146-150). The chief focus of these last five psalms is the rendering of praise to God. They form the capstone (finishing touch, conclusion) of this house of worship known as the Psalter. These last five psalms have been called “the double Hallelujah psalms” because they each begin and end with “Praise the Lord.”

The first and last words of Psalm 146 are “Praise ye the LORD.”

The first and last words of Psalm 147 are “Praise ye the LORD.”

The first and last words of Psalm 148 are “Praise ye the LORD.”

The first and last words of Psalm 149 are “Praise ye the LORD.”

The first and last words of Psalm 150 are “Praise ye the LORD.”

Do we understand all that God is doing in our lives or in the world? Of course not, but we understand enough about the nature of God to praise Him in spite of the difficulties.

I want to remind you today that “God Is Worthy to Be Praised”! God moved in grace and power to deliver our souls from the torment and bondage of our sins. He delivered us from an eternity in Hell and He adopted us into His family when He saved us. If the Israelites can praise God for returning them to their homeland; how much more should God’s redeemed people praise Him for bringing us out of the shame, sentence and sorrow of our sins?

Let’s look at Psalm 146 and see why “God Is Worthy to Be Praised”!


(Rouse yourself to praise the Lord)

A. A call to praise v. 1.

Praise Him with all your heart.

B. A commitment to praise v. 2 – The writer goes on to tell us that his praise will know no boundaries and no limits.

1. An earthly commitment – Praise Him as long as you live.

2. An eternal commitment – Praise Him even to your dying breath.


(Do not put your trust in people)

A. Man is a powerless creature – The psalmist cautions us against making any man the object of our praise.

Because they are mortal and cannot save themselves – not permanently.

B. Man is passing Creature – At his best, man is a transient creature.

Because people too will die their plans (thoughts) will perish with them.

God on the other hand is eternal. What he does and what He gives are eternal as well. Therefore, He and not man, deserves all the praise we can render to Him! God Is Worthy to Be Praised!


You see, those place their trust in themselves or others have no reliable reasons for rejoicing; but all those whose faith is in God have more to praise Him for, than they can ever comprehend v. 5.

A. The Greatness of God v. 6– There are two specific ways that we can praise the Lord for His greatness.

1. He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

2. He is faithful and will keep every promise he has ever made.

B. The Grace of God v. 7-9 --- Just look at what He does for His people!

1. He fights for the helpless v. 7 --- He helps those who cannot help themselves.

2. He feeds the hungry v. 7 --- He takes care of our every need both physical and spiritual is met by our wonderful father.

3. He frees the hostage v. 7 --- He delivered Israel from her tormentors and He has done the same for you and me. Jesus came and set us free from the bondage of sin!

4. He gives sight to the blind v. 8 --- Both physical and spiritual blindness. Again, there is praise for a physical benefit. But, let me remind you that there is a greater darkness than physical darkness! Spiritual darkness – We were all trapped in sin. The poor soul trapped in sin is blind to the substance of God. Jesus came and healed my blindness and restored my spiritual sight!

5. He lifts the broken v. 8 --- He lifts up those who are weighed down and heavily burdened.

6. He loves the believer v. 8 --- He loves the righteous --- those who have a right relationship with Him.

7. He watches over strangers or foreigners v. 9 --- The writer even praises God because He watches out for those who are not even part of the nation of Israel, because they have adopted Israel as their new home. Thank God for adopted us into His family, because of Jesus!

8. He is your God and he reigns forever --- throughout all generations. We declare, “God Is Worthy to Be Praised”.

9. Thank God for Jesus the Christ! GOD IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!

Responsive Reading: Psalm 146:1-10

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