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Heavy Burdened for The Lost

September 17, 2023



Sermon # 12: Heavy Burdened for The Lost

Romans 9:1-5

When everything is on the line, and the difference between success and failure rests on you, can your….

· Family and close friends depend on you?

· Fellow believers depend on you?

· Co-workers depend on you?

· Teammates depend on you?

One of the most striking stories that came out of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games was when Kerri Strug, a young American gymnast, helped her team win the gold medal. With the competition on the line, she attempted her first vault and suffered a serious injury. Knowing that her ankle was injured did not keep her from continuing on with the competition. Instead, she bravely ran down the ramp a second time and performed an almost perfect vault. After landing on her injured ankle, she maintained her composure long enough to satisfy the judges. Then, she collapsed in pain.

Sometimes in order for others to win, it requires a personal sacrifice on our part. But society teaches us to look out for “#1.” In so doing, we might feel good, but we often neglect the needs of others. It is even easy for a Christian believer to be comfortable and complacent in his or her own salvation, sensing no burden, no willingness to sacrifice for the lost. But in this life, there is a whole lot more at stake than a gold, silver, or bronze medal. At stake is a crown of life. Are you willing to sacrifice, to help the lost receive their crown?

Paul bears his heart in this passage of Scripture. He reveals a deep evangelistic fervor for his people, the Jews. It is a rare glimpse of the burning compassion that every servant of God should possess for his or her loved ones and kinsmen. I would like to preach for a while on: Heavy Burdened for The Lost!


In these first three verses, Paul reveals his deepest emotions. He felt an obligation to reach out to those who did not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. This is a picture of a man’s great love and concern for his people, a love and concern for their salvation. Notice the burden on Pauls’ heart as he lays it bear in these verses.

A. Paul’s honesty v. 1 – Paul pleads for his people to trust him. The

Jews had called Paul a false prophet and a liar. Why? Because he was now proclaiming God’s love and salvation for all men instead of just for the Jews. To the traditional Jew, Paul was a heretic. He was a man who was to be utterly distrusted. The Jews hated anddespised him, wanting to kill him and do away with his message. Yet, Paul wants the Jews to know that he has a heart for them. He wants them to see that he is honest about what he is saying and that he really does care.

Note how distressed Paul’s heart is. Despite the rejection and ill treatment from the Jews, Paul still loved his kinsman, and he sensed a deep urgency for them to grasp the truth. Their salvation was of such concern that he swore his concern by three actions:

· Christ, “I say the truth in Christ

· His conscience, “My conscience also bears me witness”

· The Holy Spirit, “My conscience bears witness in the Holy Spirit”

Paul wants to let the Jews know that his message is absolutely true!

It is vital that believers operate from an honest heart.

B. Paul’s heaviness v. 2 – Paul’s heart is broken over the condition of the lost sinner. He lives under the constant burden of the reality that they are headed to Hell.

This is the kind of burden that we should all be under for the sinner this morning.

C. Paul’s hunger v. 3 – Paul says he would be willing to be accursed from Christ, to be separated, to go to hell, if they would be saved.

By the way, we are under the same obligation that occupied the mind of the Apostle Paul! We are living in a lost world around us and we must get under burden for their lost souls! Heavy burdened for the lost!

1. A manifest obligation v. 1-3


A. God’s gifts to Israel v. 4-5a – Paul’s sorrow is because his people forfeited their magnificent heritage by rejecting Christ. They had an incredible heritage, but it was a missed opportunity. Look what they were: The Israelites; Look what they had:

1. The adoption

2. The glory

3. The covenants

4. The law

5. The true worship

6. The promises

7. The fathers

8. The Messiah

B. God’s grace to Israel v.5b – The Jews had the privilege of the Messiah’s coming from their roots.

The Jews had all of this, and still had a missed opportunity because of being hard hearted. They will not accept Jesus as Savior. This is a missed opportunity!

Your attitude and your response toward Christ determine your eternal destiny. Are you satisfied that your attitude is what it should be? Heavy burdened for the lost!

1. A manifest obligation

2. A missed opportunity v. 4-5b


Paul ends this section not primarily as a benediction, but as an affirmation of the sovereignty and deity of Christ. He is letting us know that Jesus is no poor fool who didn’t know when to keep His mouth shut and got Himself nailed to a cross. He closes this section to let us know Who Jesus is! Do you know Him? Notice Paul’s magnificent observations (Observing noticing, seeing, sizing up).

A. Concerning the person of Jesus – Paul calls Him “Christ”. The “AnointedOne” a name which showed that Jesus was the long-awaited king and deliverer.

B. Concerning the power of Jesus – Also, Paul said that He is “over all”. Do you know that Jesus is the agent of creation, John 1:3? Jesus possesses “all power in heaven and in earth.”, Matt. 28:18.

The only way to get a burning passion for the souls of the lost is not…

· By attending a seminar on evangelism

· By reading all of the latest “how to” books on evangelism

· By memorizing a way to share the gospel

The only way that you will ever have a deep desire for the salvation of your lost family and friends is to have your heart broken by God. As he breaks your heart, it will drive you to prayer. As God breaks your heart, you will know His heart for the lost. As God breaks your heart, you will never get used to the idea of seeing people go to hell. Like the Apostle Paul, you will have a deep burden for the lost: Paul, being “Heavy Burdened for the Lost”, was marked by…

I. A manifest obligation v. 1-3

II. A missed opportunity v. 4-5b

III. A magnificent observation v. 5c

Responsive Reading; Romans 9:1-5

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