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March 27, 2022



Mark 6:45-52

Introduction: In this passage of scripture, we find the disciples of our Lord trapped in the grip of a fierce storm. They find themselves in that storm, because they have been commanded by the Lord to cross the Sea of Galilee, v 45. These men are in the will of the Lord and yet, we see them struggling against the storm. Try as they might, however, it appears that they are unable to make any headway. This wind is in their faces v. 48. These 12 men are stuck in a storm and are unable to get out.

Have you ever found yourself in that place? Have you ever found yourself in one of life’s storms, and no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, it seems that you cannot make any headway? Well, we all have times like that! It may seem to you like the storm will never end and that there is no possible good that can come from what you are facing. Thankfully, however, there is some good news for us this morning from the word of God. While the storms of life are never pleasant, they produce certain benefits in our lives that we would do well to make note of this morning.

I would like for us to join the disciples this morning in their storm. As we do, I want to show you that the storms of life contain some hidden blessings for the children of God. I do not know what kind of storm you are facing this morning, but I do know that the Lord has a purpose in allowing that storm to rage in your life. Perhaps that purpose will become clear this morning as I preach for a while on HIDDEN BLESSINGS IN THE STORMS OF LIFE.


The very thing the disciples feared. The sea was the very thing the Lord used as the vehicle to reveal Himself unto the, He will do the same in your life and mine.

A. He comes in the face of Darkness- The Bible says that Jesus came to the, in “the fourth watch”. Sometime between 3am and 6am, during the darkest hours of the night, Jesus came walking on the water!

You may be walking in darkness this morning and wondering where Jesus is. You may be facing some of the darkest days of your life right now. Let me remind you that our God is ever with you. Even the darkest hours of life cannot find you from the face of God. He is there even when you cannot see Him.

B. He Comes in The Face of Disaster – The disciples were in a fight for their lives. Mark 6:48 says “And he saw them toiling in rowing” and, “he cometh unto them, walking upon the sea.”

C. He Comes on The Face of The Deep - The very thing the disciples feared, the raging sea was the very thing God used as His vehicle to come to them. What a testimony this was! He was telling them, that the storm was not fierce, He was telling them, that he was greater than the storm.

That is still His word to you this morning! Regardless of what you are facing in life, remember that Jesus is greater than that storm you may be facing.

1. Storms Are God’s Means of Transportation


A. They Reveal the Savior – When Jesus did come walking on the water, the disciples did not recognize Him. They thought He was a ghost. They cried out in fear. But thank God, Jesus came with a message of peace and of power. He came to them, with a word of peace, “peace be of good cheer.” He came to them with a word of power, “It is I.” He came to them with a word of potential, “be not afraid.”

B. They Refine the Saint – Matthew 14:28-29 – When peter heard that it was the Lord, Peter wanted to join Jesus in walking on the water. Jesus simply told Peter to come. Peter obeyed and he too walked on the water. Jesus used the storm as a means of helping Peter grow in the faith. I realize that Peter’s walk did not last long. In just a moment he took his eyes off the Lord, and he began to sink. However, Peter can say, “I walked on my storm!” The storms of life will focus our faith if we allow them to. God can use the storms to refine (polish, cleanse, cultivate) to make you more like him. Remember, there were 13 men in that boat, but only one could say he walked on the storm like Jesus!

1. Storms Are God’s Means of Transportation.

2. Storms Are God’s Means of Testing.


A. They Testify of His Power – Jesus calmed the storm! He did not say a thing, He just got into the boat with the disciples and the sea was calmed.

This morning I want you to know that He will cause the wind to cease in your life. All Jesus is saying this morning is that he is in control of the storms of life. It is not me and it is not you. Jesus is the Master of the Sea, and He is the Master of the Storms as well.

B. They Testify of His Person – Matthew 14:33, when Jesus stilled the storm, the disciples knew that they were in the presence of God. They confessed to Him and they bowed before Him in worship. When the storms come, they are designed to bring us to the place the disciples found themselves in at the end: on our knees in worship before him.


Responsive Reading: Mark 6:45-52

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