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December 5, 2021

Sermon Series: Introduction To Some Selected Psalms

Sermon # 3


Psalm 11:1-7

Introduction: As believers we must be unshakably grounded in the truth that our lives are ultimately in God’s hand. In the twentieth century, there was an American pastor who took a bold public stand against all forms of immorality, including homosexuality. As a result, many furious enemies rose up against him and threatened his life time and again. But this godly pastor was not moved from his task, and he frequently commented that the man of God in the center of God’s will is unstoppable until God is finished with him. He recognized a wonderful truth: the protection of God would shelter him, unless it was God’s appointed time for his earthly life to end. He trusted in God’s will and power to protect him.

To trust God does not mean that we should act unwisely. We should diligently care for our bodies, and we should not take foolish risks or fail to exercise caution and good sense. The Bible teaches that wisdom can prolong our lives (Prov. 9:11). But we should not live - in fear of what could happen to us. Sadly, some of us fret over potential dangers and things that could possibly harm us: disease, accidents, natural disasters, military attacks, random acts of violence, and a host of other threats.

How to survive when society’s foundations crumble?

Every day we stand, we see more and more of God left out of the affairs; while atheism comes to the front. People need to understand if God is left out, we have nothing to stand on. From local to state and national government, we see God being left out. And these leaders claim to be Christians when they need our vote, but after the election the truth comes out.

There is an old saying, “We are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or going into a storm.

David was facing a national crisis that threatened to overturn the stability of the nation of Israel. All around him, the moral foundations of the people were crumbling. This upheaval was caused by evil men who sought to do him harm. Adding to this ordeal, the people who were loyal to David panicked, counseling him to flee Jerusalem. But David remained calm and resolute, keeping his eyes on the Lord. In this hour of crisis, David determined to trust in God in spite of his circumstances. His faith, unshakable and unwavering, kept him steadfast in uncertain times.

Psalm 11 is not a prayer. It is a faith-filled response to those who were advising him to flee Jerusalem to a place of safety. But David chose to have faith in God who has the power to protect him. This is, How to Survive When Society’s Foundations Crumble.



v. 1a

A. An explicit trust in God

David’s advisors were urging him to leave Jerusalem for shelter in the mountains. But note his first thought at this advice: I trust in the LORD for protection” NLT). David realized that his life was in the LORD’S hands. His confidence was not in armies, fortresses, or isolated wilderness strongholds; he relied solely on the LORD God, who had made a covenant with him.

B. An exclusive trust in God

When Satan cannot overthrow us by conviction, how craftily will he seek to ruin us by distrust! He will employ our dearest friends to argue us out of our confidence, so we will be like the timid bird which flies to the mountain whenever danger presents itself. We as Christians realize and exclude all other little gods, and put our trust in Yahweh!



v. 1b-3

A. He heard counsel to depart

David’s counselors urged him to focus on his enemies, who were preparing their weapons to attack him. Their statements suggest that David’s enemies were within the walls of Jerusalem; they were internal foes, fellow Israelites. They were hiding in the dark ready to strike.

David rebuked his advisors by repeating their words back to them in verse 1b. How could they suggest such a thing to him? Looking upon his enemies would require him to take his eyes off the LORD.

B. He heard counsel to despair v. 3

(When you completely lose hope)

The advisors panicked because they saw the foundations of their nation beginning to crumble around them. These foundations refer to the Law and the order of society based on the Lord’s rule. Most likely, the reasoning of David’s consultants went something like this; when the citizens of Israel rebelled against the LORD, His commandments, and His appointed king, there was nothing that could be done to prevent the fall of the nation. So, let’s run!

The spirit of escapism never ceases to plague faithless people. When a crisis strikes, the first impulse for many is to run. Countless people ruin their lives in an attempt to escape their problems. Thousands have become addicted to drugs and alcohol because they repeatedly turn to these harmful substances for a few moments of relief. Every year, untold multitudes take their own lives because they feel they can no longer deal with their problems. Even some professing believers commit suicide. Some quit jobs, move to other locations rather than deal with the challenges that confront them. Don’t run or hide, stay with Jesus as you go through some conflict! He is able to carry you through!



v. 4-7

David declared: His trust & confidence in the LORD.

A. God’s sovereignty v. 4a

David refused to focus on the approaching threat of his enemies and chose instead to fix his eyes on the LORD. His response to the fearful counselors was to proclaim God’s faithful character and sovereignty.

1. He resides in his holy temple

2. He reigns on his heavenly throne

B. God’s scrutiny v. 4b-5a

From His seat on high, God could see every detail of their actions against David. He is examining us very closely. Nothing can be done in heaven, or earth, or hell, which he doth not ordain and over-rule. He is the world great Emperor. Wherefore, then should we flee? If we trust the King of kings, is not this enough? Cannot He deliver us without our cowardly retreat? Yes, blessed be the Lord our God, we can salute Him as Jehovah-nissi; in His name we set up our banners, and instead of flight, we once more raise the shout of war. “His eyes behold.” The Eternal Watcher never slumbers; His eyes never know a sleep. “His eyelids try the children of men:” He narrowly inspects their actions, words, and thoughts. As human beings when we inspect small objects, we almost close our eyelids to exclude every other object to refocus and get a clearer view, so will the Lord look all men through and through. God sees each man as much and as perfectly as if there were no other creature in the universe.

1. He observes all men

2. He examines all men

C. God’s severity (punishment) v. 5b-6

1. He rejects the wicked

2. He judges the wicked

D. God’s support

Finally, David affirmed (formal declaration) God’s support of the righteous. His saints will be rewarded and the wicked would be destroyed because the LORD is righteous.

1. He is righteous

2. He loves justice

3. He favors the upright

Responsive Reading: Psalm 11:1-7

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