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October 10, 2021

Sermon Series: Going Through Adversity

Book of Job

Sermon # 8


Job 29:1-6

Introduction: Every individual, at some point in his or her life, will face a severe crisis. The crisis may be dealing with health, finances, relationships, employment, children, or any number of other areas. Some people will even face many crises. Ultimately, though, none of us can avoid this fact of life, tragedies do happen.

Many times, during crises, we often bear the pain and seek for solutions within ourselves or from friends. Our hearts long to return to the former days before the crises struck, before our lives changed so much. A desire stirs within our heart to get a fresh start, a new beginning. At that time, we must make a choice: Who will we turn to for help?

In the present Scripture, this same desire for a fresh start gripped Job’s heart. This dear believer felt he could take no more…

· No more pain

· No more disrespect or ridicule of his appearance and disfigurement

· No more isolation from his wife and friends

· No more rejection by the community

· No more false accusation by his friends

· No more of what seemed to be God’s unjust treatment of him: no more alienation or refusal to answer his prayers

Job’s patience and tolerance had reached its limits. He simply could not bear up under all the suffering any more. He was desperate. In the first six verses of this Scripture, Job desired to have INTIMACY WITH GOD!

Job remembers the intimacy he enjoyed as he walked in close fellowship with God.



v. 1-3

A. Job recalled how God’s presence had spread throughout his life before his painful ordeal began.

B. Job desired for God’s favor to come back on his life.

C. Job desired the days when God watched over him with devoted care, shielding his life from devastation.

D. Job yearned for the former days when God’s watchful care and guidance flooded his heart and life.



v. 4-5

A. “Oh, for the days when I was in my prime,” Job declared, He longed for the days prior to his troubles when God seemed so close to him.

It was then when God’s intimate fellowship blessed his house. Literally, this reads, “When God’s counsel was by my tent,” picturing close, uninterrupted companionship.

B. Now, more than ever, Job longed for those days when God was still with him, when his children were still living and surrounding him with their loving presence.



v. 6

A. Job remembers the prosperity he and his family enjoyed before the tragedies.

B. Job had enjoyed God’s blessing of prosperity and lacked nothing. Now, he longed for those days again once again.

Though Job understandably wished God would turn back time, note what he missed and longed for the most: the presence and guidance of God. God’s presence and care, His watchful eye, are the greatest blessings on earth. They are far greater than any material prosperity we may enjoy. When we are facing our own tragedies or battles, whether great or small, we need to remember the greatest blessing of all: the presence of God in our live. INTIMACY WITH GOD!

Responsive Reading: Job 29:1-6

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