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SEPTEMBER 13, 2020


Matthew 16: 25 – 26

Parallel Scriptures

Matthew 10:39; Matthew 16:25; Mark 8: 35; Luke 9:24; Luke 17: 33; John 12: 25

Introduction: A look at Jesus’ difficult (and frequently ignored) teaching that “whoever lose his life for me will find it.” What does that mean? What does it look like to live that out?

WHAT DOES “LOSE YOUR LIFE TO FIND IT” MEAN ANYWAY? Those who pursue a life of ease, comfort, and acceptance of this world, will not find eternal life, On the other hand, those who give up their lives for the sake of Christ and the gospel will find it. It means to pursue Jesus path even at the expense of my desires.

Isn’t there something that you gave up, that you though were precious, and decided to follow Christ.

Losing and Finding is a foreign concept to many Christians, In the American church we largely ignore this teaching. I don’t recall hearing a lot of sermons down through the years on it.

It is important that we understand the economy of God. His economy does not operate by the same principles that the world’s economy does. The Lord’s economy operates according to His divine precepts. While many fail to understand, in God’s economy gain often comes through loss. Those who are willing to lose what they consider precious and valuable actually gain much from the Lord. His blessings and benefits exceed anything this world can provide.

As I pondered this principle, Losing and Finding, and the convincing words of our Lord, I was reminded of many in the Bible who gained through loss. Abraham was asked to abandon his homeland to follow God unto a land that would be revealed in time. He left with only a promise from God. In his time, the Old Testament prophets lived lives of ridicule and seclusion, but they enjoyed the blessing of God. The disciples were asked to abandon the lives they had built in order to follow Jesus.

The revelation of losing and finding

1. What this meant to the disciples

2. What this means to you and me



V. 25

A. “Whosoever will save his life shall lose it.”

B. In giving all to Christ we gain

1. This is hard for human nature to grasp

2. The rich young ruler did not understand it

C. In holding back from full surrender, we lose

1. This principle is true even in salvation

2. Salvation cannot be part works and part grace

3. Christ must be all or nothing at all



V. 25

A. “Whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”

B. Seeing through the deceitfulness of sin

C. Coming to a life changing decision

D. Consider Moses choosing to identify with God’s people

1. He lost his position in Egypt

2. He gained a place in God’s plan

E. Here is Nicodemas coming to Jesus by night

F. Here are the Disciples leaving all to follow Christ

G. Here is Saul Becoming Paul the missionary

H. What have you lost for Jesus?

I. Losing temporal things for Him brings great eternal things.



v. 26

A. “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose

his own soul.”

B. This may be the most difficult lesson to learn

1. The world is so alluring

2. We see the world but cannot see the soul

3. Most people are trying to gain the world

C. Is some earthly goal keeping you from Christ?

D. Jesus place infinite value on the human soul

E. How valuable is your soul to you?

F. Consider the cross to see the value of a soul to Jesus

1. The nails, the thorns, the pain, all for the souls.

2. The shedding of His blood on the cross for souls.



Responsive Reading: Matthew 16: 21 - 28

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