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October 18, 2020


1 Chronicles 4 : 9 - 10

Introduction: Everybody has a Comfort Zone. When we find ourselves out of our "Comfort Zone" we become a little uneasy. It is nothing wrong with this; it just proves we love being comfortable.

There is nothing wrong with being satisfied with your job, but when you become satisfied with your service to the Lord you have problems. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with your home, your automobile, or your financial standing, but when you become complacent about your prayer life and satisfied with your spiritual progress, you need to move out of the comfort zone spiritually.

Not only do many individuals live in a spiritual comfort zone, but so do many churches. When a church become satisfied and complacent in its comfort zone, serious trouble is coming.

In this prayer of Jabez, we can see some facts that can help us to move out of our Comfort Zones. both as individuals and as a church.

Let’s look at three movements about, Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone.



v. 9

A. His name meant “he causes pain”

We can assume that something about his birth was exceptionally more painful than the usual birth – either physically or emotionally. Apparently his mother had given him this name for one of two reasons: either because his birth had caused her so much pain, or because she viewed the world as being a place of suffering and pain. Hence, she named her son Jabez (pain) to symbolize the world into which he was being born. In Bible times, a name was very important. A name often defined a person’s future – what they would become. So, perhaps Jabez’s mother was predicting her baby’s future.

B. To the Hebrew’ way of thinking, Jabez was a “born loser”

C. It seems as if Jabez denied his hopeless name and dysfunctional beginning to become a man who believed fervently in the power of God.


v. 10

An Honorable descendent; a man of strong prayer. As the returned exiles

read through this section of Judah's genealogy, they would notice how many

of the Judeans had left a dynamic example for them to follow. one man in

particular set a dynamic example of prayer. His name was Jabez.

A. Prayed for God’s blessing. There was passion in it

“Oh!” “That thou wouldest bless me indeed’

B. Prayed for God to enlarge his territory, there was purpose in it


Jabez was seeking to increase his outreach. He was seeking to enlarge his life. He had been in pain for too long, now it was time to grow out of that name, Jabez.

C. Prayed for God’s presence, there was perspective in it

“thine hand!” “that thine hand might be with me

D. Prayed to be kept from evil, there was persuasion in it

“Keep me!



v. 10b

A. God heard the prayer of Jabez and answered him by giving him all the

things for which he had prayed. Why did Lord do this? God did it

because He honors prayer that honors Him.

B. We serve a God today who has promised to hear and answer our


C. As we think about these things. let's look at our lives and at our

praying and see whether or not we are asking for these things.

Conclusion: If we are willing to move out of our comfort zone then the Lord can and will hear our prayers and will give us the things we seek in Him.

Are you satisfied with the growth of the church? Are you satisfied with the spiritual level of the church?

Now, what about in your life? Are you growing like you should, or are you satisfied with where you are right now? Are you satisfied with what you are doing for the Lord? Are you happy with your level of spiritual growth?

Responsive Reading: Luke 18 : 9 - 14

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