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February 14, 2012

Sunday Sermon

Pass the Salt

Matthew 5:13

Salt is both a preservative and a flavor enhancer. No doubt its use as a preservative is what Jesus had mostly in view here. Pure salt cannot lose its flavor or effectiveness.

The various names God gives His children in the Bible. (Some are: sheep, brethren, little ones, etc.) When Jesus gives us the name of "salt", He is reminding us that we have the opportunity and the responsibility to be an influence in the world. it is interesting that these verses should follow the Beatitudes.

In the Beatitudes, Jesus gives some qualities that ought to be present in every citizen in the kingdom. When we are possessed of these characteristics, we will be a positive influence and we will make a difference in the world around us. When we are living out the standards of the Lord Jesus in our lives, we will be like salt and like light. Now, light is an external quality that enables one to see. Just as a glistening, limestone city sitting high on a hillside cannot be hidden for the light coming from its walls, so the Christian who shines with brilliance of the Lord Jesus cannot be hidden from the view of the world. In other words, your testimony will get out on you. Those around you will see it and be touched by it.

Those disciples listening to Jesus had a clear and working understanding of salt. Salt, in that day was a commodity, it was priceless and it was precious, it had a significant worth in that day. As a matter of fact, the Roman soldiers and other soldiers were paid wages in salt. It could be traded and sold to someone who did not have access to salt, but had the resources to pay for it. This is where the expression, "Not worth his salt." comes from.

Ye Are the Salt of the Earth!!!

Jesus uses a common but priceless commodity to teach them a lesson on discipleship and fellowship. I know we relish being saved and coming to worship. That's good, but Christ challenges us to do more.

Today, I want to zero in on the idea of us being called "salt". In this one verse, Jesus is telling His disciples that their character is like salt. Believers are called and designed (made) to be the salt of the earth. Let's take time to analyze the verse as we consider the thought "Pass the Salt"


This Salt Is Our Influence Of the Earth

This salt has promoting ability - (Salt creates a thirst for water in those who are exposed to it!) As salt, the Christian has the wonderful opportunity to promote a thirst for Jesus in the world.

The world should not have influence on the church, but the church on the world. Jesus was saying that you have something that can change the world that can challenge the world.

A. It's an influence that can demonstrate the power of love. The church should be the place where love rules the heart of its people.

B. Remember Jesus' words, by this, shall all men know that you are my disciples.

C. When salt comes in contact with the object, it influences that which it touches upon.

1. Somebody please pass the salt in the church.

2. The church ought to be the place where the unlovable can find love, the guilty can

find forgiveness, the down trodden get picked up, and the lonely find comfort.

3. The influence of His love toward us helps us to be loving toward others.

D. Salt has the presence to change the flavor of that which it contacts.

E. Salt has pleasing ability - Bringing out the best. Salt blends and adds flavor to food.)

As salt, we are to live our lives so that we bring out the best in those around us.

The church should have the power to change the flavor of the lives of those who say they belong to the Lord. People should not come to the church and experience a bad taste! But they should come and if they are bitter find the sweetness of those who are God lovers!


I. This Salt Is Our Influence Upon the World!


This Salt Is Also Our Inspiration In This World!

This salt has preserving ability - (Salt wards off rot and decay! It is rubbed into meat in an effort to preserve it.)

A. This salt has power to keep you from spoiling, from being contaminated, from being corrupt.

B. The church possesses the potential to be an inspiration to those who are being ruined, spoiled, or being corrupt.

C. This salt can inspire others to want it! It creates a thirst. The ingredient of salt makes one thirsty.

The problem may be that we are drinking from the same fountains, and thereby, there is no real thirst for God! The believer and unbeliever are pulling up to the same hydrants, using the same watering holes

Jesus had it! He offered it to a woman at the well! The thief on the cross saw it in Jesus and he asked Him to remember him! The jailor who watched over Paul and Silas at Philippi saw it in them and asked, what must I do to be saved? We should be an inspiration to this man world!


I. The Salt Is Our Influence Upon the World

II. The Salt is Also Our Inspiration in This World!


This Salt Can Infiltrate Where Ever We Spread in This World.

This salt has penetrating ability - (Salt will penetrate and infiltrate whatever it touches.) It is an aggressive substance.

I believe that we have been called by the Lord to be an active force in the world around us.

The followers of Jesus remembered these words of Jesus. In the book of Acts they decided to get the salt out of the shaker!

They decided to let the world see what side they were on

They decided to test its power!

Peter on the day of Pentecost stood up and shook his salt shaker!

Paul carried it everywhere he went!

He passed the salt in Corinth, he passed the salt in Ephesus, he passed the salt in Thessalonica, he passed the salt in Philippi, He passed the salt in Rome!

We just need to pass it around in church, on Sunday morning; sprinkle it around others that you come in contact with!

On Wednesday night spread the salt!

On Sunday morning spread the salt!

On your job spread the salt!

In your home spread the salt!


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