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December 26, 2021

Christmas Sermon


Second Sermon

Luke 2:8 - 20

Introduction: I wonder what Christmas means to a mother who has lost her husband, who must take care of 3 or 4 children, working every day, never quite getting everything done, never making ends meet? What does Christmas mean to her?

I wonder what Christmas means to the 8o year old man living in poverty, in a hut, who knows nothing about shopping malls or Christmas trees? What does Christmas mean to him?

I wonder what it means to little children in orphanages with smudges on their cheeks, and sparkling eyes that look up, hoping to get adopted when couples walk in? What does Christmas mean to them?

I wonder what it means to missionaries who are half a world away from families and friends, who are sacrificing so much to take the precious gospel message to others who have never heard? What does it mean to them?

I am sure it means different things to different people.

To merchants it is the busiest time of the year. Stores stay open longer and hire extra people to accommodate all the shoppers. It means more profit, hopefully enough profit to see them through lean times ahead.

For some employers it means a Christmas bonus, a little more money in their pockets to do things that they want to do.

For many teen-agers and adults, it is time of fun and parties. For children it is a time of impatience, with time seeming to pass so slowly, as they wait for Christmas morning.

What does Christmas mean for you?

Sometimes I get the feeling that we are like the folks who decided to throw a party to honor a very special friend. They sent out invitations, decorated the hall, and had the food catered. All the people came together at the designated time, but to their surprise, the guest of honor was not there.

Finally, they made the embarrassing discovery that no one had ever invited the guest of honor.

I wonder if that happens at Christmas time. Do we go through all the decorating, and buying presents, and preparing elaborate meals, but somehow forget whose birthday it really is?

No matter what you have grown up believing or what your tradition was, I am here to tell you that JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! Amen!

Listen up church!

Old Santa is not the reason!

St. Nick is not the reason!

Rudolph the red-nose reindeer is not the reason!

Kissing under the mistletoes is not the reason!

Chestnut roasting over an open fire is not the reason!

Jack Frost nibbling at your toes is not the reason!


Christmas without Christ is just mas. Do you know what mas is? Anybody hers know? I don’t know. I thought somebody here would know.

Friends, only with Christ, can you truly celebrate Christmas.

Thank God for the Bible! In His holy, inspired, infallible Word, God sets the record straight where Christmas is concerned! He gives us, in no uncertain terms, the true reasons for the season. Jesus is the main reason for the season. Allow me to share with you some of the true reasons for the season.


Christmas Is A Time For Giving

v. 11

A. For God To Give His Son To Men - What a beautiful foretaste of the

salvation to come: God gave the first message of His Son to

common shepherds, those looked upon as sinners. The Savior was coming

to call sinners to repentance; therefore, the first announcement of His

coming was given to sinners.

B. For Men To Give Their Souls To God - Nobody likes to receive a gift and

then give nothing from themselves in return. God gave His Son to die for

sinners. If we are to give a gift to the Lord, what would it be?

There were two groups in connection with the birth and early life of the

Lord who gave themselves to Him - The Shepherds, Luke 2:8-10 and the

Wise men, Matt. 2:2-12.

We all have that someone on our gift list who seems to have everything

already. They are hard people to buy for. What do you give someone who

has everything already? Think about it, what can you and I give to God? He

doesn't need our money. He can get by without our talents. He doesn't

need a fruit basket, or a new tie, or some socks or handkerchiefs. In fact,

when you get right down to it, none of us really possesses anything anyway.

You say, "I own my house!' Just stop paying the taxes for a few years and

see who owns it! You say, "I own my cars!" Again, stop paying the insurance

car note and see who controls that car. You say, "Well, I own my money!"

Just let the economy crash and then tell me what you have left. There is only

one true possession that we each have, and it is our soul. Have you given

your heart to the Lord?

1. Christmas Is A Time For Giving


Christmas Is A Time For Good Tidings

v. 10

A. The angel came with the message of "'good tidings" Literally, the phrase

comes from the word from which we get our "evangelize." The message of

the angel was a message of salvation. He came to proclaim the glorious

news that a Savior had been born in Bethlehem.

B. This message is a message of hope! The shepherds were considered social

outcasts. They were considered unclean by their religion and were

typically uncouth, dirty, and vulgar men. They were the type of men that

no one wanted to be around. They were forbidden from seeking God in

the temple, but God brought salvation to them!

C. The message hasn't changed! The Gospel is still a message of hope. You

maybe one who has committed some really terrible sins. You may feel

that God wouldn't save you. You may feel that you have no hope. You

think that you are beyond the scope of God's saving power. Well, let me

tell you this morning that God arms are wide open, for you to come in and

be saved.

1. Christmas Is A Time For Giving

2. Christmas Is A Time For Good Tidings


Christmas Is A Time For Glorifying God

v. 13-20

A. After the first angel finished his speech, he was immediately joined by a

vast multitude of the heavenly host and they lifted their voices to give

glory and praise to the Lord. Host: (Army of angels; 10,000 x 10,000)

B. May I remind you that Christmas, along with Easter are tremendous times

for the children of God to demonstrate their faith. After all, even though

Christmas has been secularized and commercialized, it is still a day set

aside to commemorate the birth of the King of Kings! Let us join our

voices with those of the angelic host and declare the great glory of God.

C. After the shepherds met Him, this became their mission. They went

about telling others about Him, glorifying the Name of the Lord. The

shepherds had spread the message but note a shocking fact. The

shepherds alone are seen praising God. No one else is seen seeking or

praising the Savior.

The shepherds were praising God for what they had heard and seen. They

had reason to praise God. (How many hear and see, yet never respond

and never praise God?) What are you doing to glorify the Lord this


Responsive Reading: Luke 2:8-20

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