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August 29, 2021

Sermon Series: Going Through Adversity

Book of Job


Job 2

D. L. Moody

“I believe Satan to exist for two reasons: first, the Bible says so; and second, I’ve done business with him.”

Introduction: Somebody Is Hitting Me!

An overmatched boxer was being badly beaten by his skilled opponent. Battered and bruised, he leaned over the ropes and said to his trainer, “Throw in the towel! This guy is killing me!”

The trainer replied, “Oh, no, he’s not. That guy is not even hitting you. He hasn’t laid a glove on you.

At that point the whipped boxer spit blood from his bruised mouth and said, “well, you had better watch the referee. Somebody is sure hitting me!”

Like the bloodied boxer in this story, all believers are sooner or later struck by the blows of life. We must understand that behind the knockout punches of life is a powerful foe, a real, personal adversary known as the devil----one who is able to send us reeling. Yet despite what people think, the Bible teaches that Satan is alive and well on planet Earth. This adversary launches ferocious attacks against the souls of men and women.

Unfortunately, many well-meaning Christians live as if peacetime conditions exist. But, in reality, a bloody war is being fought all around them. Souls are being defeated. Lives are being attacked. None of us can afford to be uninformed about this invisible war. Satan, the evil emperor, is working behind the scenes, unleashing his diabolical power with fury and hatred. This sinister opponent is determined to attack every person’s life, assaulting their faith, and conquering their souls.

Have you admitted that you face a real, spiritual foe, the devil? Are you on the alert for his advances? Have you recognized his destructive power? Or are you ignorant of his devices? If you are to remain strong in your faith, you must be vigilant in your spiritual life and remain firmly anchored to God.

As Job 2 opens, the unfolding drama of Job brings us again into the throne room of heaven where God presides over the affairs of heaven and earth, and where angels gather for further orders. Here in glory Satan appears before God to accuse and attack believers. But here it is also revealed how God sovereignly directs, limits, and even uses Satan to accomplish his purposes.

When you are GOING THROUGH ADVERSITY, there is THE INVISIBLE WAR with Satan!

God allows Job to be tested by Satan, who robs him of his physical health and vitality; yet Job remains faithful to God.



v. 1-2

(Satan is given permission by God to test the integrity of Job’s faith, all under the boundaries of divine sovereignty.)

A. A second heavenly scene unfolds, one unseen and unknown by Job.

B. By divine initiative God asked the evil one, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered God, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.”

C. Knowing Satan had been wreaking destruction on the earth, God said to Satan, have you considered my servant Job? Knowing Satan’s first round of attacks had failed to shake Job’s faith, with sarcasm The Lord reminded Satan that Job was blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.



v. 4-5

(Cunningly, Satan reasons with God that Job in his selfishness would sacrifice lives of his children, servants, and livestock to protect his own life.)

A. With audacious resolve, Satan indicted God by saying, “Skin for skin!” This was a bartering term that meant to trade one skin, such as that of an animal, for another skin. Satan, whose name means “the accuser,” was charging Job with sacrificing the skin of his children, animals, and servants to preserve his own hide.

B. Satan asked God to stretch out his hand and strike Job’s flesh and bones. He believed this would lead Job to curse God to his face his original conviction (Job 1:11).



v. 6

(Satan is granted permission by God to afflict Job’s body with great harm, except he is prevented from taking Job’s life.)



v. 7-13

A. Satan struck Job with a horrible and painful skin disease v. 7-8.

B. Job received severe criticism and rejection from his wife v. 9-10.

C. Job’s encouragement from a visit by three friends.

1. Their identities v. 11a.

2. Their purpose in visiting Job: To sympathize and comfort him v. 11b.

3. Their shock when they saw him v. 12-13.

Every temptation is an opportunity to demonstrate our faith in God. How do we react to temptation?

1. Expect it. Every Christian should expect that Satan will launch his offensives against us. No believer is exempt from these hellish attacks.

2. Detect it. Every believer must sharpen his powers of discernment in spiritual warfare. Each Christian must detect the advances of the enemy. Satan wants to influence our minds. God’s people must measure everything by the unfailing standard of truth, the Word of God.

3. Reject it. Once the advance of the devil is detected, it must be firmly rejected. When “the flaming arrows of the evil one” (Eph. 6:16) are fired at Christians, they must extinguish them with the shield of faith. This requires a firm faith in God and His Word.

Sermon Series: Going Through Adversity

Today’s Sermon: The Invisible War

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