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April 10, 2022

Palm Sunday

Sunday Sermon


Mark 11:1 - 11

Introduction: The Oscars were couple weeks back and all the stars made their grand and glorious entrances. They did not come in old VW vans wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Instead, they came in chauffeur driven limousines dressed to the nines.

Given an opportunity to make an entrance, most would choose the grandeur style over that of mediocrity or poverty. We would choose the blazing white stallion over the small grey donkey.

Some were hoping for some grand entrance on a blazing white stallion, sort of like the Lone Ranger, with a cloud of dust and hearty "Hi O Silver." They were hoping Jesus would come into Jerusalem and kick the bad guys out of town.

· A story is told of an ancient king out hunting with a group of men,

· They had wandered quite away from their base,

· And rather than go all the way back there for food,

· The king suggested they stop at the next farm and buy some eggs.

· The king was surprised and replied that “Eggs must surely be scarce in that town.”

· “No, your majesty,” replied the farmer, “but kings are.”

There is no louder declaration of our Lord's Messiahship than the triumphal entry. He was picturing that He was the Messiah, deliberately proclaiming that he was "the Son of the living God". But the triumphal entry was something else as well. Jesus was dramatically warning the people. They must change their concept of Messiahship. He was not coming as the national hero to save the world physically and materially by overthrowing the Roman and Gentile governments of the world. He was coming as the King of Peace to save the world spiritually and eternally. Jesus had to come first as the King of Peace; then he would come as the King of Conquest. I would like for us to examine

this passage together today.

I believe there are some precious facts that can be gleaned from this moment in our Savior's life. I would like to talk to you about this King. THE KING IS COMING.


As we watch the Lord in action in these verses, we are allowed to catch a

glimpse of his glory. Imagine the setting if you will.

It is early in the morning and Jesus is making preparation to go to Jerusalem.

He is moving near the top of the mountain. He is in Bethphage, which


"House of Unripe Figs" and Bethany, which means, House of Dates". Jesus

had some dear friends at Bethany, Mary, Martha and Lazarus, with whom he

stayed during His last days on earth. In fact, Jesus had just performed one of

His most outstanding miracles when He raised Lazarus from the dead, John


Now, Jesus stands on the top of the Mount of Olives, preparing to descend

into the city below. From the top of that mountain, which stands some 2600

feet above sea level, Jesus could see the beautiful city spread out before Him.

Jesus chose this moment to reveal Himself to the nation of Israel. He chose

this moment to let Israel know that their King had arrived. Notice how He is

revealed in these verses.

A. His Personality - Jesus sends two His disciples to a village to get a young

donkey colt. He tells them exactly where they will find it and what the

people standing around will say to them. When His men go out to

complete this assignment, they find everything is just as Jesus said it

would be.

How did Jesus know this? Some writers suggest that Jesus arranged the

events ahead of time. Well, he did set it up, but not physically. He set it

up in His sovereignty! These events remind us that Jesus is God and that

He is in control of all things! That encourages me! So, these verses prove

that Jesus is God!

B. His Power - These verses also demonstrate the power and authority of our

Lord. Notice what Jesus says in verse 3. He says, Say ye that the Lord hath

need of Him." Jesus called Himself "Lord"! That is a statement of His

authority and of His power in this situation.

I would just remind you that He is still "Lord" today. He still possesses all

authority, whether men recognize Him and bow to Him or not. There will

come a day when they will. There will come a day when you will! Why

not bow down to Jesus today! He is more than worthy to be praise.


We are allowed to see the Person of this King in this event. We are also

allowed to see a Presentation of the King in these verses.

The disciples go and get the donkey. They return to Jesus and put their outer

garments over the beast in place of a saddle. Jesus climbs on the donkey's

back and starts down the mountain. (The fact that the animal Jesus is riding

has never been broken is a miracle in itself. Of course, Psa. 8:6-8 tells us that

He has dominion over this creation.

A. He Is The Lowly One - Jesus is fulfilling the ancient prophecy of Zech. 9:9.

Part of that prophecy says that the Messiah will be "lowly". That is what

we see here. We see a humble Man on the back of a humble beast,

making a humble declaration of His identity.

Imagine this procession. Jesus is on a donkey and He is surrounded by

a multitude of common people. The people are waving palm branches

and not swords. He is sitting on old coats and not a saddle. He is riding a

little donkey and not a mighty stallion. He is surrounded by the lower

class of the population. and not by strong soldiers. The Roman soldiers

who saw this parade must have laughed at this Man Who would be King of

the Jews. Jesus Who became poor so that we might become rich in Him.

B. He Is The Lofty One - We are told what they said in verses 9-10. The word

"Hosanna" means "save now". The people are praising the name of the

King, just as the Psalmist predicted they would in Psa. 118:25-26.

Let me just say that as long as the Lord saves sinners and leaves His saints

on this earth, there will be some who will praise Him. And, He is worthy to

receive that kind of praise. He is still the lofty One and He is still worthy to

be praise. Gospel Tabernacle has reasons to Praise Jesus, 72 years still

worshipping and serving Lord. Thank you, Jesus, for 72 years of worship at



(Jesus had a double purpose to fulfill)

A. To Examine The Town - Mark doesn't mention this, but Luke does, Luke

19:41-44. As Jesus neared the city, He saw Jerusalem. He saw their future.

* He knew that within forty years, The Romans would besiege the town.

* He knew that over 30,000 Jews would be crucified as the Legions

marched toward the city.

* Jesus knew that the Romans would conquer the city and that the

Temple and the city would be utterly demolished.

* He knew also the people would be scattered to the four winds of the


* He knew all these things and more and Jesus wept over the town.

Get the image in your mind! The people are shouting, dancing and singing.

They are praising God and the Lord Jesus. Jesus knows they will reject Him

and crucify Him. He knows they are slated for judgment and in the midst of

jubilation, Jesus weeps!

Jesus sees people who are suffering. Jesus sees people who are lost. Jesus

sees people who are going to hell. We need to have the same spirit as Jesus

When we weep as He wept, we will be more motivated to the Gospel to

lost. How do you see the people of this town?

B. To Examine The Temple - The last thing Jesus did on that day was to visit

the temple. He took time to look "at all things."

What does Jesus see when He comes to our church? He is here today!

What does he see? Does He see people who come looking for Him, or

does He see people just going through the motions? Does He see people

who are worshiping Him and praising Him, or does He see people just

caught up in the rituals?

What does Jesus see in this church today on this 72nd anniversary? The

big question is, do we see Him? He is here, but is He being Worshiped? Is

the KING being acknowledged.

Responsive Reading: Mark 11:1 - 11

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