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January 31, 2021

Sunday Sermon


1 John 2:6

The word "walk" is continuous action. It means to keep on walking; to continuously walk. If a person says that he abides in Christ, he must be a responsible person. He ought to walk as Jesus Christ walked. In fact, the word ought, means debt, constraint, obligation. The person who professes Jesus Christ, who claims that he knows God, is obligated to walk as Jesus Christ walked. He is in debt to walk as Christ walked.

This is the responsible man, the man who lives what he professes. If he professes to know God, he walks even as the Lord Jesus Christ walked upon earth. He believes and trusts God; he worships and prays to God, and he does all the other things that Christ did. He walks in the footsteps of Christ, doing exactly what Christ did. This is the person who knows God.

When we first were saved, it is natural for us to stumble as we take those first baby steps on wobbly spiritual legs. But, as time passes, we should begin to mature and take on the characteristics of walking like Jesus.

In today's world, we still have believers who practice what they preach.


The president of a large organization was known from shore to shore and even in foreign lands. In the world's eyes, he had it all: fame and a guaranteed job for life.

Most men would have agreed--except for the man himself. His wife of many years became so ill that she required constant attention. Advice came freely. "Put her in a nursing home...Hire a live-in nurse and keep your position...Put your ministry first." But this gracious man refused. Being financially able, he made the decision to resign and take care of his wife himself.

After he resigned, he was asked, "Why did you give up such a wonderful opportunity?" "Give up a wonderful opportunity? You do not understand. God has sent a wonderful opportunity my way. I count it a privilege that I am the best person on the face of the earth to minister to my wife. She needs me...and I need her. Other men can take over the organization, but only I can take care of her."

This man lived up to his profession. His act of responsibility did more in one day to convict others to act responsibly than what a shelf of "how-to-" books could have done.

Let us examine the text and see how you stand with the Lord. Are you maturing in your relationship with Him? Are you walking like Jesus?



The word "saith". Those referred to in this passage have a profession of faith. That is, they have said that they are saved. When they make the profession that they "abide in Him", they are really saying something. They are making:

A. A Declaration of Salvation:

Claimed to be "in Him". Have received Him as their personal Savior.

B. A Declaration of Surrender:

The word "abide' means "to tarry, or to do well." John 15:1-11

C. A Declaration of Service:

Abiding carries the idea of serving. We should be fruit bearing (your outward behavior).



A. A Reasonable Expectation - "Ought" the word means debt constraint, obligation. (Himself refers to the one making the profession. John is telling us that that every person who claims to be saved should recognize that he has a personal responsibility to discharge a debt he owes to God. I do not mean that we could pay for our salvation, however, God did not save us just to keep us out of Hell. Every saved person in this church owes God 100% surrender and effort. Thank God for Calvary! The least you and I can do is walk for Him!

B. A Remarkable Example - This verse tells us we ought to walk like Jesus. Every step we take ought to be like Christ. When we walk people should see Jesus. The way we live, we should pattern after Jesus. If Jesus lives in our hearts, we will walk and talk right.

Are you walking "as He walked?"

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