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January 28, 2024

Sermon Series: Remain Devoted and Faithful To The End

Book: 2 Timothy


Part 1

2 Timothy 1:11-18

How strong is your grip?  When you shake someone’s hand…. when you hold a tennis racket…. when you hold a tool?  Whether it be a handshake, a sporting act, or being a handyman around the home, a firm grip is necessary.  Just think how clammy a weak handshake feels.  A bad grip on a hammer will not drive the nail into the board.  Just as it is important to have a strong grip in these areas, it is critically important for the Christian believer to have a good grip on the Lord Jesus. 

The Psalmist, King David, reminds us with this vivid illustrate:

“My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me” (Ps. 63:8, NLT).

In other words, “hang on as He holds on to you!’

As we read Pauls’ final written words in this epistle, we see no wavering----no doubt----in his mind about his faith in Christ.  We only see unshakeable confidence and boldness; in spite of the fact, he knows his execution is imminent.  This passage reveals three requirements for being bold to the end:


I.              CONCENTRATE ON WHOM YOU BELIEVE v. 11-12


Paul writes: Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and   a teacher of the gentiles (v. 11).


A.   God appointed Paul to be a preacher, which means one who “heralds” or “proclaims.”  You have heard the Christmas song, “hark the Herald Angels Sing.’  The herald angels are those who proclaim God’s message.  Along with Paul, all Christians are appointed heralds, or proclaimers.  We all have the responsibility of heralding, or proclaiming, what we learn from Jesus.

B.   Paul also declares he was appointed an apostle (v. 11), which means “one sent forth with a message.”  He does not represent himself, but the One who sent him.  As Christians, we are not on this planet to represent ourselves but to represent Christ.

C.    He is also appointed a teacher of the Gentiles (v. 11), which means one who instructs people in faith and truth of God’s Word.  It is the privilege to root and ground people in doctrine, reproof, correction, and righteousness.  As Paul marvels at his privilege, he adds: For the which cause I also suffer these things (v. 12a).  This refers to Paul’s imprisonment, the abandonment by most of his friends, and his imminent execution.  Why is Paul relentless in his preaching and teaching, rather than becoming discouraged?  Paul is bold to the end because he could say: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed (v. 12b).  Notice Paul says, for I know whom I have believed (emphasis added).  Paul knew Christ on a personal and intimate basis.    He walked with Christ day by day---was in fellowship and communion with Him constantly.  Being a Christian is not believing certain doctrines or joining a particular church or denomination.  Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Paul’s confidence was not in a book or a theology, but in Jesus Christ as God’s only Son.  Therefore, he is bold to the end.

D.   Paul continues: and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day (v. 12c).  Paul committed his life and eternal destiny to the Lord Jesus, and he believes both are in good hands until that day when Christ returns.  The word “committed” means to deposit.  Paul had deposited (turned over) everything he was and had over to Christ.  Why?  Because he knew that Christ could keep it and take care of it forever and ever.  What exactly did Paul turn over to Christ?  His life and work.

Responsive Reading:  2 timothy 1:11-18


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