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Finding Total Devotion for God

October 29, 2023



Sermon # 15: Finding Total Devotion for God

Romans 12:1-2

Every person is devoted to something in their life. Some people are devoted to things that are not tangible such as fame or physical beauty; others are devoted to material possessions such as cars, houses, clothes, or wealth.

A lot of time, money, and energy are invested in acquiring all of these things. And none of these things are bad in and of themselves when they are kept in the proper balance. But they are not eternal, nor are they lasting. They fade away, even as we fade away. Because of this, we should focus upon the eternal and lasting. But what is eternal and lasting? What should we focus our devotion upon?

God: the believer is to be devoted to God. Everything the believer is and has, is to be dedicated to the worship and service of God. Anything less than total devotion is short of God’s glory. It is a sin. Therefore, when discussing the believer’s relationship to God, Scripture is strong in its exhortation. Without uncertainty, Scripture urges total devotion. In this passage of Scripture, Paul tells us, that total devotion revolves around our surrender to three powerful concerns. Let’s unravel this and see what they are and what they demand as we consider the thought: Finding Total Devotion for God.


Paul tells us that yielding of our bodies to the Lord is our “reasonable service.” The word “reasonable” comes from the same word from which we get our word “logic”. So, first we see that yielding our bodies to the Lord is logical. Then, the word “service” comes from a word which means “to perform sacred service.” It has reference to the function the Levites performed in the tabernacle and Temple. It is connected to the idea of worship. Therefore, that phrase means that yielding our bodies to the Lord is our “logical service of worship before the Lord.” In other words, when we are totally yielded to Him, it is the highest form of worship that we can render!

A. The challenge – We are called upon to “present your bodies.” God doesn’t force his will on any of us; we must present ourselves to Him. The word “present” means to “place at one’s disposal.”

The word bodies refer to our whole selves----our minds, ears, eyes, mouths, hands, feet----our entire beings. It is total commitment to God.

B. The cause –-Notice the text “therefore by the mercies of God.” Just think about what God has done for us: Why should we yield our bodies to God? The reason is simply because He bought us at Calvary, and we belong to Him.

C. The consecration – We are told that these bodies are to be presented “a living sacrifice”. It is total commitment to God. In the Old Testament times, people offered dead sacrifices to God; today we offer Him ourselves, all our abilities, as living sacrifices.

Finding total devotion for God revolves around three powerful concerns:

1. The Worship of God v. 1


Paul moves from dealing with the body to dealing with the mind. The mind is the root of our problems. We have to get our minds to think as it should, then the body will follow suit.

A. Shunning the mold – We are commanded “be not conformed to this world.” The word “conformed” means “to fashion” or to shape.” It literally means to fashion, or to shape.” We are not to allow this world to squeeze us into its mold. We are not to allow this world to make us like it is!

B. Shaping the mind – Having cautioned us not to conform to the world, then we are commanded to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The word “transformed” gives our English word “metamorphosis”. It describes the transformation a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. Did you know the caterpillar and the butterfly are the same creature.

Caterpillars appear to be just fat worms. But, when the cocoon finally breaks open, and from it emerges a beautiful butterfly with all the break-taking colors only God can create.

That is the change God wants to effect in each of His children! You see, He moved into our hearts when He saved us. He transformed our spirit and changed us into His child. Now, He wants to transform the mind (the soulish part of man) so that the flesh might be changed.

Finding total devotion for God revolves around three powerful concerns:

1. The Worship of God v. 1

2. The Wisdom of God v. 2a


Having told us that finding total devotion for God revolves around the worship of God and the wisdom of God, Paul moves on to tell us that accomplishing these two things in our lives will enable us to carry out God’s will for our lives in a way that honors Him. As we yield our bodies and our minds to Him, His will becomes more clear and more important to us.

A. A description of God’s will:

· Good: beneficial, rich, bountiful, suitable, moral

· Acceptable: pleasing, satisfactory, welcomed

· Perfect: without error or mistake, flawless, complete absolute, free from any need, short of nothing, completely fulfilled

A demonstration of God’s will: By yielding our bodies and our minds to God, we will be able to “prove” or “live out” God’s will before a world that is looking. We will be proof positive to a doubting world that God can take the worst and make the best out of it.


1. The Worship of God v. 1

2. The Wisdom of God v. 2a

3. The Will of God v. 2b

Responsive Reading: Romans 12:1-8

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