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v. 4-5

* At a certain point in the journey Abraham left his servants behind,

a separation took place. He said, "... unto his young men, Abide

here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come

again to you." Those two young men were not part of the worship

experience. They would have hindered Abraham from doing what the

Lord had called him to do. Therefore, they had to be left behind. The only

two elements allowed in the place of worship was Abraham and the

treasure of his heart.

* There is a lesson here for the person who would worship God today. There

are many things in life that would hinder our worship. Like those two

young men, things would intrude themselves into our worship that have

no business being there. We must say to those things, Abide ye here,

while I go yonder and worship."

* We are all aware of the things that compete for our attention when we

seek to worship the Lord. We need to separate ourselves from anything

that would draw our attention away from God. I'm not talking about

sinful things. I'm talking about the natural and normal things of life.

Things like work, family, and finances can all distract us from the worship

of God. These are not things that we can simply eliminate from our lives.

But we do need to put them out of our minds so that we can be free to

focus on God. We can even allow the elements of the worship service

itself to distract us from worship. You must not allow the preacher, the

music, the praise team, the ushers, or the people around you to distract

you from worshiping your God.

* For Abraham, the place of worship was not "here" in the valley with the

young men, it was "yonder" on the mountain with the Lord. If I am going

to worship, the I too must move from "here' to "yonder". The only way I

can do that is separate my mind from anything that would hinder it from

being totally given over to God.



v. 6-10

* Abraham dedicated his son Isaac to God. It wasn't like he had twelve

sons. Isaac was his only son. Isaac was the son God had promised to him

years earlier. Isaac was the son that was to carry on the family line and

grow into a great nation. Abraham also dedicated himself completely to

God. As Abraham stood holding the knife above his head ready to plunge

it into his son he was completely dead to self. He had dedicated all he

was and all he had to God. True worship is always costly. True worship

always requires us to give up our best for God's best.

* I am simply reminding us that worship is never about us. We can't worship

as long as we are focused on self. If we would worship the Lord, we must

cease to exalt self and we must focus on exalting Him. Real worship occurs

when we dedicate ourselves totally to God.



v. 11-14

* Abraham called the place "The Lord Will Provide" -- Jehovah Jireh. By

doing so he was proclaiming the nature and work of God. He was declaring

who God is and what God does. That is praise and worship. Praise is

proclaiming what God has done. Worship is proclaiming who God is

* When was the last time you told someone what God has done for you?

We all like to share good news so why don't we share the Good News? In

the game of football following a big victory the players usually douse the

coach with a bucket of Gatorade. It is their way of proclaiming that they

love their coach and that he has done an excellent job. That is what we

do when we tell others about God. That is why we need to brag on God.

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