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May 7, 2023

Sermon Series: Spirit-Filled Living Is Essential for Christians

Book of Ephesians


Ephesians 5:15-21

The Christian believer’s life is a visual sermon, whether you want it to be or not! Whether you are walking sharply in the Spirit or failing in the flesh, you are providing an example which will be copied. Listen to this short, but pointed poem:

“Walk A Little Plainer Daddy and Mommy”

Walk a little plainer Daddy and Mommy, said a little boy so frail. I’m following in your footsteps and I don’t want to fail.

Sometime your steps are very plain.

Sometimes they are hard to see.

So, walk a little plainer Daddy and Mommy for you are leading me.

I know that once you walked this way many years ago

And what you did along the way I’d really like to know;

For sometimes when I am tempted, I don’t know what to do.

So, walk a little plainer Daddy and Mommy for I must follow you.

Some day when I grow up, you are like what I want to be.

The I will have a little boy who will want to follow me.

And I would want to lead him right and help him to be true.

So, walk a little plainer Daddy and Mommy; for we must follow you.

In our text this morning, Paul is telling the Ephesian believers what the Spirit-filled life is all about. He tells them that when they are walking in the Spirit, there will be some evidence of His presence in their midst. Are you filled with the Spirit this morning? Let’s review the evidence and see where we stand.


This verse teaches the following:

A. Control – As liquor controls the life of the drunkard, the Spirit of God should control the life of the believer. (In their walk, their talk, their thoughts, their attitudes, their actions, etc.)

B. Completeness – The word “filled” means “to be full to the top; lacking nothing; nothing short of complete.” The Holy Spirit is to be in absolute domination of our lives.

C. Consistency – This little verb “filled” is in the “active tense.” This means that it is to be a constant state of being. Literally, we are to “go on being filled with the Spirit.”

D. Compliance – This verb “filled” is also in the “passive voice”. This means that filling is something that is done to us. It is not something we can work up on your own, but we are to be vessels that God can fill and use for His glory.

E. Command – It is also worthy of noting that this verb “filled” is in the “imperative mood”. This makes it a command. This is not an option for living, but a command from God for our lives.


These verses teach us that we are to be:

A. A Celebrating People – A Spirit-filled person has a singing spirit. We are to be making “melody in our hearts to the Lord.” As Spirit-filled witnesses, we are to be so filled and thrilled by all that the Lord has done in and to us that our hearts are filled with a song of praise for Him. The word “melody” means “to pluck, to strum or to vibrate.” The image is of someone playing a harp. Take a look at Psalm 150. When we are walking in the Spirit, he will produce worship for the savior.

B. A Contented People – A Spirit-filled person has a thankful spirit. Not only will the Spirit teach us to worship Him with songs of praise, but the Spirit will teach us to worship Him by trusting Him. When we thank God in any circumstance, we become contented in every area of life. As we grow in the Lord, we come to understand that He is on our side, Rom. 8:31. “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (NKJV)


(Exalt One Another)

Finally, in verse 21, we are commanded to” submit ourselves one to another.” What does this mean? Well, the word “Submitting” is a military term. It means “to fall in rank under another.” Certainly, there is a thought here concerning submitting to the leaders of the congregation. However, it runs deeper than that. Paul is telling us that God’s people must learn to put everyone else ahead of themselves.

We live in a society where such thinking is unheard of. But, Spirit-filled Christians must have a submissive and respectful spirit.

Responsive Reading: Ephesians 5:15-21

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