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Being A Slave To Christ

June 11, 2023



Sermon # 1: Being A Slave to Christ

Romans 1:1-2

God has a worldwide plan for every person. Romans is the epistle written for every person. It is the Gospel of God (1:1). It is a book for the world (1:4-2:16; etc.); a book for the church (see 1:1-7; etc.); a book for theologians (see 3:1-5:21; etc.); a book for philosophers (see 1:1-2:16; etc.); a book for legalists (see 7:1f; etc.); a book for immature believers (see 6:1-8:30); a book for mature believers (see 8:12-14; etc.); a book for sufferers (see 7:1-8:39; etc.); a book for unbelievers (see 1:1-2:16; etc.); a book for religionists (see 2:17-5:21; etc.). Romans is the truth desperately needed by every person.

Sermon number 1: Being a slave to Christ engages us to be totally of service to Christ! To willingly become a slave to Christ; to serve Christ with no reservation.

People today are enslaved to many different things, things like…

· Money * Fame * Drugs

· Power * Sex *Pornography

· Food * Alcohol * Work

With a little bit of imagination, you could probably add many more items to this list. As you may have experienced, when you become enslaved to one thing, you give up rights in other areas. For instance, if you are enslaved to food, you sacrifice health and weight. If you are enslaved to drugs, you give up control of your mind and body. If you are enslaved to fame, you lose your privacy and humility. And on and on. You become bound to that which controls you. When you give in and give up to evil masters, you are doomed to a life of bitter slavery.

But it does not have to be that way. You can be enslaved to a good master,

Ø To someone who will save you, save you from all the bondages and enslavements of life.

Ø To someone who will give you life, a life that overflows with abundance, with all the good things of life.

Ø To someone who will meet your every need.

Ø To someone who will guide you and teach you how to conquer and live victoriously over all the trials and problems of life.

Is it possible to be a slave to both good and evil? No! You cannot have it both ways. You cannot be a slave to things in the world and a slave of Christ. You cannot enjoy an intimate relationship with the world and still love Christ. No person is a true follower of Jesus Christ unless he or she is enslaved by Christ. In fact, it is impossible for a person to belong to Christ unless he or she is enslaved by Christ. This is the shocking message Paul wants to get across to the believers at Rome.

I would like to preach on being a slave to Christ. Let’s look at what Paul says in this text regarding a slave for Christ.


As Paul begins his comments to the Romans Christians, he doesn’t begin boasting of his office. He begins by proclaiming himself to be a “servant.” The word translated servant means bond slave. It means a slave totally possessed by the master. It is bond- servant bound by law to a master. According to the Old Testament Law, a slave could refuse his freedom and could choose to remain with his master forever, Ex. 21:1-6. Instead of exalting himself before the Romans, Paul chose to humble himself. This was the secret of Paul’s greatness! Paul knew that like a slave, he had no personal rights. His life was dictated to him by the master. Paul was totally sold out to the will of God!

This is a lesson we need to learn. We have so many who believe that they are in complete control of their lives and that they have the right to do as they please and make their own decisions. We need to remember that when we were saved by Jesus Christ, we became His bondservants! He bought us, and now He owns us completely, 1 Cor. 6:19-20.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be a slave? If you were to retrace your family tree, there is a very good chance that one of your ancestors was a slave to someone.

“Many years ago, a well-to-do Christian paid a very high price for a particular slave. Actually, the man abhorred the practice of slavery, and his sole purpose was to set at liberty the one he had purchased. When the two met for the first time, the wealthy man said, “’It is true, I bought you, but I did it only to free you from the terrible bondage you have known.’ Then he handed the other man some papers that guaranteed freedom.

“The slave looked at him in sheer amazement. ‘Am I truly free? Am I my own? May I go where I wish?’ ‘Yes,’ said the Christian, ‘that’s why I bought you, so you could be loosed from those chains forever.’ Overwhelmed by these words, the slave fell at his feet and said with heartfelt devotion, ‘Then my greatest joy and freedom will be to stay with you and serve you gladly for the rest of my life.’

Remember: the believer’s slavery to Jesus Christ is no cringing, cowardly, or shameful subjection. It is a position of honor---the honor that bestows upon a person the privileges and responsibilities of serving the King of kings and Lord of lords.


Not only was Paul a slave to a new Master, he was also an apostle. The word apostle means either a person who is sent out or a person who is sent forth. An apostle is a representative, an ambassador, a person who is sent out into one country to represent another country. Three things are true of the apostle: (1) he belongs to the One who has sent him out; (2) he is commissioned to be sent out; and (3) he possesses all the authority and power of the One who sends him out.

Note three forceful lessons.

A. Paul said he was “called” to be an apostle. He was not in the ministry because he….

Ø Choose to be.

Ø Had the ability.

Ø Had been encouraged by others to choose the ministerial profession.

Ø Enjoyed working with people.

He was an apostle, a minister of the gospel, for one reason only: God had called him.

B. Paul had heard and answered God’s call. God did not override Paul’s will---He wanted Paul in the ministry, so He called Paul. But note it was up to Paul to hear and respond. Paul did not just decide to go into the ministry, nor did friends and family persuade him that it was what he should do. He was placed in the ministry by the sovereign will of Almighty God.

C. Paul was called to be an apostle, that is, to be a minister. He was called to occupy a position of authority or to be honored by men.

Every servant of God is called for two primary purposes:

1. To serve and minister (Matt. 20:27-28).

2. To go forth and bear fruit (John 15:16).


Paul was (separated) set apart to the Gospel of God. The word Gospel simply means the good news of God.

A. Separated – This word has the idea of being “set apart.” Paul is telling us that his life has been set apart for the glory of God and for the Lord Jesus Christ. This literally means that nothing else mattered else mattered to Paul but the things that mattered to God.

Ø Paul did not say he was called and set apart to a man-made religion, denomination, or sect; nor was he called primarily to a gospel of social justice etc.,

Ø Paul said he was set apart to the Gospel, the good news of God ((1 Thess. 2:2-13).

B. The word translated “separated” is the same word from which we get our word “horizon.” The sense of this word is literally “off- horizon”. It tells us that Paul’s horizons had changed. Before, he was headed toward a religious hell, living a life of legalism and rebellion against Christ. Now, his life has been changed and he is headed towards a new horizon. He lives a radically different life.

C. Paul then tells us that he has been separated to the “Gospel of God.” His commission is that of carrying the “good news” of Jesus to a world trapped in sin and lostness.

Ø It is the Gospel of God – This message did not originate in the mind of man. it came from the heart of God. The Gospel concerns God’s Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” He is both the Subject and the Author of the gospel, by Him and through Him the Gospel is created and proclaimed.

Responsive Reading: Romans 1:1-7

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