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April 28, 2024

Sunday Sermon


Psalm 92:12-14

A growing Christian whether a new believer or a seasoned saint is like a healthy tree ----planted, nourished and fruitful.

“He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season” (Psalm 1:3).

People who don’t want to wait 4 decades for a globe Norway maple to grow in their front yard can buy a 30-foot specimen form in a New York nursery for $42,000.  A 50-foot European beech is a bargain for only $20,000.  In spite of the prices, the country’s leading nurseries report soaring sales of mature trees.

As one customer put it: “I can’t wait for a banana to ripen.  I only buy them bright yellow.  There’s no patience for watching a tree grow.

We humans are always in a hurry, looking for shortcuts to skirt the process and grasp the product.  And sometimes we expect instant maturity in our Christian walk and growth in faith.  What a contrast to the enormous leisure of God in His dealings with us!

The psalmist in this text affirmed that the “Righteous” – Seasoned Saints of God will remain fresh, flourishing, and fruitful.  A growing Christian whether a new believer or a seasoned saint is like a healthy tree – planted, nourished, and fruitful.

Often young Christians will fade away when the excitement leaves.  Seasoned Saints will stay after the excitement leaves.  When the excitement fades don’t quit.  Quitters never win - - - Winners never quit.  Failures are often stepping stones to success.  Winners win because they continue to step.

Quitters:  Nobody wants to be one; yet all of us have been disappointed by them.  Are you a quitter?  I suspect that most of you would answer “Absolutely not!”  But one of the most discouraging realities in the church is the average believer’s inability to stick it out.  When the going gets tough, some run like a scared rabbit.

The dropout rate in Christianity is alarming.  Few believers follow through on their initial zeal for the Savior, and the loss to church in potential ministry is great.  Most of us assume that sin or bad doctrine is responsible.  A closer look reveals that many of us simply quit.  When the excitement fades, so do we.

I have three movements that will help the Righteous --- The Seasoned Saints of God get excited about servanthood.


Fresh – brand-new, mint condition, pristine, uncontaminated, unspoiled etc.

The palm tree is an evergreen tree.

  • This characteristically typifies the constant freshness of the Spirit-filled life.  Believers, even mature believers, need a fresh provision

  • or renewing of God’s power on a regular basis.  We also need a fresh anointing of His Holy Spirit v. 10. The palm tree stays fresh year - round.

  • Nearly all of the fruit-bearing trees put on their beauty in the spring of the year.  Then when the cold winter approaches, they shed their foliage and the life goes down into the roots.

  • This is typical of many Christians who are only vibrant for the Lord in one season and fade away spiritually in another season.

  • Such unstable people are described as being lukewarm, and cannot receive the promises of the Lord.

The palm tree usually grows very tall with leaves at the top end.

This makes it beautiful to behold and gives shade for people to find relief from the heat of the sun.

The life of a palm tree saint is very fresh and pleasant to people and will also bring comfort, joy and blessings to others. God wants to beautify the saints until they will be attractive and manifest the sweetness of Jesus to a lost world.

That is why Jesus described the believer as the light of the world and the salt of the earth Matthew 5:13-16.

Look at your neighbor and say, “I am still fresh!”


Flourishing – to grow vigorously

In verses 12-13 God promises that throughout life the righteous will flourish and grow.  “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; they will flourish in the courts of our God.”

Now, of course, it is normal for a tree to grow.  It is normal for it to get taller and for its trunk to get wider.

So, as a Christian you are not meant to be a spiritual dwarf.  No, you are meant to flourish and grow throughout your Christian life.

The Psalmist declared that the Righteous – Seasoned Saints of God will flourish and grow strong.  The wicked are like grass v. 7, but the Righteous - Seasoned Saints of God are like the towering palm trees and the mighty cedar in Lebanon.

Your faith and your spiritual insight should increase.  Your love and compassion for other people should grow richer and deeper.  Your hope in God’s future should become more intense.  Your zeal and commitment to the house of God must grow bigger and better, both in the area of winning souls and the various activities in the church.



Fruitful – producing much fruit, fertile, producing offspring

In verse 14 God promises that the Righteous – Seasoned Saints of God will still bear fruit in old age and stay fresh and green.  Now, if a tree is fresh and green, it doesn’t matter how old it is.  It is still very much alive.

That means the righteous will remain strong and healthy even in old age.  We can see the example of Caleb who confesses that his strength at eighty years is still similar when he was forty.

And then of course one of the things a healthy, green tree does is to bear fruit even in old age.  So, God is saying that if you are Righteous – Seasoned Saints of God, in your old you will be like a tree that stays fresh and green.  You will be healthy spiritually.  And you will bear fruit.

So, if you are a Righteous – Seasoned Saint, God promises that in old age you will be spiritually alive and healthy and will produce spiritual fruit – leading people to Christ.

Why will you do that?  Well, one reason an old tree stays fresh and fruitful because it is getting enough water.  And in the same way, you will be fresh and fruitful in old age if you are being watered by God’s Word.

And then God also promises that in their old age Righteous – Seasoned Saints will proclaim the LORD’S faithfulness.  Verse 15 says they will proclaim, “The LORD is upright; he is my Rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him.”

So, if you are righteous, then when you get old you will praise the LORD who planted you in his courts.  You will praise him for protecting you and making you fruitful.  You will tell the world that the LORD is upright.

Responsive Reading: Psalm 92:1-14

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