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March 7, 2021

Sunday Sermon

Can the Church Help Your Family?

Luke 19:3 – 9

A certain woman bought an exercise plan. When the time for the use of the plan had expired, she went to the company complaining that she had not been helped at all. In fact, she said she weighed more now than she did before purchasing the plan. When the company checked its records on her attendance at the exercise classes, they discovered that she had attended only two of them.

For many families, the church is as ineffective as this woman’s exercise plan, and for the same reasons. Christ can do much for our homes if we will allow Him to work through the church. However, the church can be only as effective as a family will allow.

Zaccheus discovered the difference Christ makes when he enters a life and thereby enters a home. Zaccheus had a problem seeing Jesus because of the crowd Jesus attracted and being small of stature. He solved the problem by rising above the crowd in a sycomore tree. He did not go unnoticed, for Jesus spotted him as we heard in the verses of our Scripture reading for this morning.

Jesus declared that Zaccheus’ home was saved by Jesus’ presence. However, for Christ to help your family, he must do it through His body, the church. It is the church that helps bring the presence of Christ into your home. Three conditions are necessary if Christ is to help your home through church.



(vs. 3-4)

Zaccheus was desperate to see Jesus. Your habits have to change.

a. He was thrust back.

b. He was persisted.

A family has to be desperate and include the church in its activities to expect Christ to have much impact on the home.



(vs. 5-6)

Your attitude has to change.

a. Jesus saw him.

b. Jesus called him by name

c. Jesus asked to be received

d. Zaccheus obeyed

We have many options and choices in today’s world. Zacchaeus made the right choice to follow Jesus.

The church is place where eternal things can be learned. It is the church that teaches that we "shall live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

Children and young people need guidance and inspiration. Adults need strength and determination.

Young people especially need to be given a criteria by which to make Christians. The church can help families by providing a framework of judgment about life’s important issues. Zacchaeus was seeking a framework of life by which to make his choices. When Christ came into his home, Zaccheus discovered who he can totally rely on.



(vs. 8-9)

Verse 8: 'And Zaccheus stood, and said unto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the

half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken anything from any

man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold." (Exodus 22:1)

Zaccheus was doing more than was required. The law required 4-fold

restitution only when an animal was stolen and killed. But Zaccheus

judged his own crime severely, acknowledging that he was as guilty

as the lowest common robber.

(Tony Evans Study Bible)

“Repentance doesn’t merely say, “I’m sorry, “it makes amends for

wrongdoing. Zaccheus outward actions were testimony of an inward



a. He was a sinner

b. He repented, changed his life

He was changed from a cheating tax collector to a philanthropist

c. He was looking to Jesus as the Savior

1. The One who proclaims salvation

2. The One who proclaims salvation to the entire family

The church is Christ’s redeeming fellowship for the family. Christ can change our homes only by Desperation, Invitation and Salvation.

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