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August 7, 2022

Sermon Series: Believers Are To Sow The Gospel Seed

Matthew 13:1-45


Matthew 13:1-9

Introduction: This morning we will start a new series called: BELIEVERS ARE TO SOW THE GOSPEL SEED! We will be looking:

Where we throw our seeds.

How we throw our seeds.

What can we expect to happen and where we sow seeds?

Last, but not least, what are seeds?

Every believer should be a sower. We should be sowing the Word of God. If we are not spreading His Word then we cannot be called a sower. In this parable the sower sows seed on all types of soil. He doesn’t know which seed will grow and which won’t. When we share the Gospel, we don’t know who will believe and who won’t. Sometimes the person we think least likely to accept the gospel will be the one to surprise us. Our job is NOT to try to figure out what the good soil is. it is not the way to guarantee a big crop. The best way to have a big crop is to sow more. The more seed you sow, the better the crop. If you sow one seed, there is a pretty good chance nothing will grow. If you sow five seeds, there is still a chance nothing will grow. If you sow one thousand seeds, it is very likely that some of those seeds will hit good soil and grow up into a healthy plant.

Many times, we asked this question, “How can a lost person hear the Gospel and not be saved?” I can tell you this, that their heart was not properly prepared. Sometimes, we see people make professions of faith and then never see them again. We wonder, “Were they really saved?” probably not! Why? They possessed unprepared soil and they produced no fruit. Others come to our altars and make a profession, then they turn around and go right back out into sin. There was nothing wrong with the sower, but the soil (heart) was not prepared to receive the seed!

In today’s lesson, I want to focus on this person who takes his seed, goes into his field and begins to sow. I believe this lesson will encourage us, challenge and help us to be better sowers of the Word of God! Let’s look at three facts regarding SOWING THE GOSPEL SEED!


A. The sower main desire is to get his seed into the soil. He wants to plant his crop and reap a harvest in the proper season.

B. God did not give us the Gospel just to save us. He did not give us the seed just to rot in the barn.

C. God commanded us that we take the seed of the Gospel into the field of the world and sow it for His glory. Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8

D. Remember, whenever the sower is active, Satan is also active. Pray that the seed we sow will be protected by God. This truth should drive us to our knees.


A. The sower casts his seed everywhere. He broadcasts it far and wide. He wants to make sure that everywhere is blanketed with seed. He wants a big harvest, so he cast seed everywhere.

B. This should be the method of our sowing as well.

1. We are to “go” Where are we to go? “Into all the world”, Mark16:15.

2. We are to “tell” Mark 16:15 says, “Preach”. Matthew 28:19 says “Teach”.

3. We are to tell everybody – Mark 16:15

4. We are to all be involved in the going and the telling – Matthew 28:19.

C. The level of harvest we receive, correspond directly to the amount of seed we sow in the field.


A. From this parable, we know that the sower lost some of his seed. Since that is true, was the sower a failure? No, because he completed his mandate. His mission was to sow the seed, and that what he did! He had no control over the soil and he had no control over the amount of fruit each plant produce. He was successful because of two facts:

1. He sowed all his seed.

2. He sowed all the field.

B. As a sower of the Gospel seed, we are not responsible for the kind of soil our seed falls into. We cannot judge the condition of the soil, because we cannot see the heart of it.

Responsive Reading: Matthew 13:1-9

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