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August 14, 2022

Sermon Series: Believers Are To Sow The Gospel Seed

Matthew 13:1-45

Sermon # 2


Matthew 13:18-23

Jesus Christ was the master teacher! He had the unique ability to take scenes from everyday life and use them to teach profound spiritual truths. Such is the case we have this morning. As Jesus sat by the wayside teaching, he began to talk about an image with which everyone present was familiar. He talked about a man taking his seed into the field. He pictured that man casting his seed upon the earth. This seed fell upon the ground and landed upon differing types of soils. Some of the seed brought fruit, other seed did not.

Jesus used this common image to teach those who heard Him about the condition of the human heart. In this passage of Scripture, we see that the sower is Lord Jesus Christ or servants of His, the seed is the Gospel, and the soil is the human heart. From Jesus’ words, we learn that the human heart is like soil. It can either receive the seed of the Gospel and produce a harvest of spiritual fruit, or it can be unprepared and produce nothing of value for the glory of the name of God.

This morning I want us to investigate how Jesus explain THE PROBLEMS WITH THE SOILS! As we move through these verses, examine your own heart to see what kind of soil you are. We are accountable for the kind of heart we have: hard, emotional, superficial, thorny, or soft and tender.

I. THE HARD SOIL (The Wayside) v. 4, 19

(The seed by the wayside)

Some dwelt by the wayside. In the day of Christ there were no fences to separate property lines. Instead, long narrow foot paths were used for the traveling public. These paths were trodden down as hard as pavement by the constant use of the traveling public. This is the hard wayside ground referred to by Christ.

Note: These hear the Word but they do not understand it (v. 19). They are in the church regularly, and the Word falls upon them. Some have made public decisions, and some have not; but no matter, they are still off to the side, paying little attention to what is going on. Even those who have made decisions are not genuine. They are hard, very hard, with closed minds and concrete hearts: therefore, they pay no attention and give no heed to the Word. Their mind is elsewhere.

Christ said “the wicked one” comes and snatches away whatever Word is sown.

II. THE STONY SOIL v. 5-6; 20-21

(The seed on stony ground)

Some received the Word in stony places. In some parts of Palestine lying right beneath the ground is a layer of limestone. When seed falls upon this ground, something dramatic happens. The limestone holds the rain and heat from the sunlight right under the surface; therefore, the fallen seed sprouts quickly and dramatically. But it has no root.

This person has what appears to be a dramatic conversion. He makes decision for Christ, and he stands out as an example of a changed life and quick growth. However, the change lasts only for a season, perhaps an extended season, but in the end it fails.

The person falls because he has no root in himself (v. 21). He has not rooted or grounded himself in the Word and in prayer. This person makes an emotional response to the Gospel and said, “That’s what I need!” Or, perhaps they come because a friend came. They make a profession, but it is shallow one at best.


(The seed among thorns)

Some received the Word among thorns. The thorny ground is deceptive ground. It looks good and clean, appearing to be clear of weeds and thorns, but it is not. Right under the surface of the soil is a chain of roots ready to spring up. The fact that the roots are already there means that the thorns will be stronger and grow faster than the good seed. They will choke the life out of the good seed.

Thorns represent those who receive the Word as an addition to their life. The Word is merely added on, not allowed to replace the world and the things of it. These do not truly repent; they just try to take God and add Him to their collection in life. They make God only a small part of their affairs; consequently, the Word is always choked to death.

This kind of person begins well, but soon fades away, having their profession choked out by sin and the world.

IV. THE GOOD SOIL v. 8, 23

(The seed on good ground)

Finally, some seed fell on ground. This ground has been worked and prepared. It had been plowed and tilled and it was ready to receive the seed when it came. The seed germinated within the heart of the soil and the plant began to grow. When the plant reached maturity, it began to produce fruit that brought honor and gain to the farmer.

This is a picture of a heart that has been plowed deeply by the Word of God. It is a picture of a heart that has been tilled by the grace of God! When the seed hits this kind of heart, it germinates, grows up and bears fruit to the glory of God.

Christ says two things about a person who allows the Word to take permanent root, represents the honest and good heart (Lk. 8:15)

1. He hears the Word of God and understands.

2. He is fruitful. There is a harvest and a crop!

Responsive Reading: Matthew 13:18-23

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